Tuesday, November 13, 2012


You style yourself as Judge Holden, pfft

The whining differential assumes much that is so wide of the truth.

I am no coward.

My identity is not very hard to discover if one has brains and a little logic.

Measured against current all blacks I would be regarded as too small for any position other than halfback but there are still many of my stature who play  in the amateur game.

My written expression is certainly not going to win literature prizes and frankly I couldn't care less.
As I have stated before, I just enjoy what I do here and in life.

I am of advanced years, healthy (touch wood), self reliant, community minded, and continue to enjoy a retirement in which I find happiness and contentment

Your assumptions had one correct and one possibly partial, so Mr Perfection ,we will make that around 30%, sums you up I guess.
You on the other hand are a pedantic moron who for reasons you will never reveal,  refuse to engage in any meaningful way with my posts other than to tiresomely attack my written language.
However from the profile you adopt elsewhere, I would assume you detest my message, my politics and my personal values.
The continual attacks on my written word satisfies your need to attack the messenger without debating the message.

Normally I check comments on an edit page and just delete yours along with  other fuckwits without reading them, today I actually read the further evidence of your very strange personna only to find yet another inane, shallow, ad hominem comment that my colleague The Veteran ( who would definitely not be any where near the Coward Class) had posted a response to. To give his comment relevance I have left yours as a mark of your giant stature as a linguist, albet badly tarnished by your reluctance to place any identity other than your self proclaimed status as a man of advanced education standards and literary abilities, even if only in your own oh so humble opinion.

Pot meet kettle, you are a worthless POS and when you look in the mirror, as I am sure a narcissistic prick such as yourself will have many placed throughout your many mansions, you will see a real coward staring back at you. Your stature is of no consequence as it is not size that matters it is all about courage and I am certain  your crusade from anonimity dictates you have a major deficit in that trait.

I will in the interests of my time management return to my practice of giving you the arse from the edit page so do everyone a favour and fuck off.


Judge Holden said...

Sorry, what? Should I thank you or be offended? I couldn't tell.

Lofty said...

Yup you are certainly as described in the post.

What part of fuck off did you not understand?

Anonymous said...

Is humanity evolving or devolving? I tend to think the latter. What I see revealed in supposedly mature people explaining their position without getting personally shitty about another's view does nothing to change my mind.


Anonymous said...

Well said.

Holden used to be a regular pimple on the face of Fairfacts. Keep up your measured and decent posts. They are refreshing everyday.


Kirsty said...

Excellent headline, story lives up to it.

peterquixote said...
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