Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Most Amusing Movie

The other day, Adolf happened to spot on the TV guide a midday movie entitled "My Fellow Americans."

Generally not enamoured to recent American productions I was about to move on when I noticed the cast included Lauren Bacall, JAck Lemon and James Garner.  Oh well, might as well have a look and see.

It was side splittingly funny.  A slapstick, not at all serious, outrageous 'thriller' about American presidential politics with a steady stream of magnificent one liners all the way through and Jack Lemon made to look and sound like George Bush senior..  If you can get it from a video store, do so.  You will be well rewarded.


alwyn said...

I agree about the humour of the film. It was the type of thing that Hollywood has always done well.
My memory must be fading however. It is a long while since I last saw it but as I remember it the Jack Lemon part seemed to be modelled on Richard Nixon, not George senior. I shall have to look for it again.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Naaaah, it couldn't have been.

Wrong nose.