Sunday, October 28, 2012

Who won?

Well Canterbury of course.

Had Telusa Veainu regathered the "KNOCK UP" and dotted down under the posts, would Jackson have disallowed it, still penalised Telusa and given a yellow card, I think not, the commentators and the officials would have rightly said, wonderful hands and moved on.
For my money it was an instinctive attempt at an intercept, albeit at very close range and stop whining Pivac it was nothing close to a penalty try!!

Did Tom McCartney deliberately target Fruen's head with his elbow when he joined the ruck from the side and leave the Canterbury "Mack Truck"  needing time in the blood bin.

Did the Auckland pack continually flop over in the collision to deny The Red and Blacks any chance of contesting the ball.

With McCaw in Asia for Fonterra, Danny C. doing domestics,  Sam Whitelock, Luke Romano, Kieran Read  and Owen Franks, all resting and with an almost full team sitting in the stands with injuries, who the fuck was in control of the "cheating".

Maybe Tabai, Scott and Arron did the biz in the leadup and maybe  George Whitelock with five winners medals and the rest of the bunch giving their guts and proving on the night they were "Simply The Best".

Great effort Daniel Braid and your talented team, you clearly came to play but the Rhythm & Blacks were ahead at the end.


peterquixote said...

phasor 32I see you refer to people as 'TWATS"
how sad,
your comment has been removed by the administrator,
your people are not good Mr Adolf,
No Minister is not doing well, any comments lately

Anonymous said...



gravedodger said...

@ pq The comment was removed as it was just another attempt to start a flame war from a person who refuses to accept it is our forum, our rules and has been told many times comments that address issues are welcome.

Anonymous you are pathetic, perhaps your idea of sport it playing with yourself or worse.
Maybe you support the "beautiful game" where points are awarded for acting and cheating. That "dive" was not even worth scoring but the idiot with the whistle certainly bought the scam.

pdm said...

A bit one eyed GD but hard to disagree with anything you say.

I have just had a look at the All Black team. Hard to understand why Ellis in particular is not in and I would also have included todd and Crotty.

gravedodger said...

@ pdm, Fair point re Ellis but clearly Wepu's haka talents are highly regarded, however taking Thompson over Geo .Whitelock when George has committed to stay here and I understand Thommo has decided to go north unbelievable.
Taking Williams over Craig Clarke is even more mystifying. If he has so much to offer with his experience take him as a coach HB boy Dom Bird made Ali look very ordinary on Saturday night.