Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Value your image young man.

I have long been a fan of Murph, however his latest earner as the front for people who are making money from government sanctioned WOF inspections are starting to erode my respect.

Now I see a small truth in the claims of a small possible danger of a vehicle becoming unsafe if not inspected for 12 months.
Many vehicles are non compliant within hours of passing the "test".
Others will line up every six months and be completely compliant every time, as for a pensioner doing very minor travel, being very careful with maintenance and being taxed an unnecessary  $80 / $100 pa and exposure to equally unnecessary minor issues with the six monthly compliance cost, is increasingly stupid as a safety issue.

Yes we have a high ratio of older cars in the fleet , many owned by proud people who have a love of things past and another bunch who have a somewhat cavalier attitude to minor details such as rego and Wof (just watch "highway patrol" sometime).
A significant cause of accidents is driver error, therefore I see some merit in the sugested changes. An additional factor is the need to encourage a better sense of owner/ driver awareness of what constitutes a safe vehicle. Daily, weekly and monthly checks should form a serious part of safe vehicle operation but sadly far too many rely on the 6 monthly check as the total maintenance regime.

By all means Murph you and your MTA funders should have input to a law change but much of what is being claimed is rubbish. 80 potential additional deaths?

Still it is only money for you Murph but have a squiz at those now very embarassing advts that Richard Long and PineTree fronted for the crooks in the "finance industry". Many still regard Car Dealers as dodgy and the current campaign is potentially going to erode any progress the best efforts of the MTA might accomplish.

One size fits all is no longer appropriate as the world has not collapsed with New vehicles getting 5 years of annual WOF cycle even though it is very feasible that a five year old vehicle could be clapped out with over 700 000 Kms in that five years.

As with every compulsion it is often neither fair or effective, something I regarded you Murph, as representing at all times.

Btw I think the advts that encourage using a MTA garage are positive for purchase and repairs  but even then  some scarse git will slip through and shit in the nest.


Simo said...

Very disappointed in Murf with this rather lopsided presentation. My local garage is not worried about these changes at all.

Anonymous said...

You wankers clearly dont know shit all about vehicles, technology drivers, human psychology and above all preventative maintenance in a third world country with wall to wall low life scum who dont give a shit about killing someone because they cant be fucked getting a WOF, wearing seat belts or tyre pressure checks let alone tread.

Murphy is dead right. Simon Bridges is a pretend minister plastic Maori dickhead who knows nothing about the subject. Befire he was minister he was a pin-up boy for the SPCA for fucks sake.

Bridges is a tosser being led around by the nuts and lord help us if this is a future NZ prime minister. Is that NZ marching on? I doubt it and how fucken sad is that?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon @ 6:40

You must be one of those sad fucken wanker tossers who doesn't know shit about spelling, grammar or how to construct a decent sentence.

I hope you shower thoroughly when you get home each day from the gut floor at the abattoir.

Noel said...

What surprised me when the adverts first appeared was the scaremongering.
All credit to the AA for presenting some actual facts.
The numbers for those that don't habitually don't get warrants compared with those who do obey the law was predictable.
12 months is reasonable for all vehicles regardless of age.