Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ninety One Percent Hung Up The Phone

The current US presidential election bears some resemblance to the closing months of the Second World War in Europe.

The Republicans came storming ashore at Normandy Denver while the previously invincible enemy leader, Hitler Obama, was asleep at the wheel.   Shortly thereafter, the USAF and RAF bombing campaign Big Red Bus from Benghazi put paid to any last vestige of a chance for the enemy to prevail.  It was evident to those with eyes to see many that many Germans Democrats, including generals campaign officials, secretly knew the game was up  The evidence was seen in their demeanour, body language and lack of real enthusiasm.  They were going through the motions.

Take the latest opinion poll put up by the ITTFO Washington Post/ABC combo

They have Obama leading by three points but the sample is over weighted with Democrats by nine points compared with the turnout in 2010.  By most accounts, turnout in 2012 is expected to be at least similar to 2010 or better for the Republicans, so the Lord Haw Haws of the Wapo and ABC really know that their man is down the drain by a huge six percent and that Governor Romney is headed for a massive six percent landslide win.

The real kick in the guts for Hitler Obama and the rest of his gangsters is the result among independent.voters – that critical band of swing voters who will decide the result.  They support Romney by a margin of six points, a massive reversal for Hitler Obama who enjoyed an eight percent margin of support from these people in 2008.

BUT, has anyone really thought carefully about how reliable any of these polls might be?

Consider that not much more than ten years ago in the US, pollsters obtained a 35% response rate to their telephone calls.  That means to say for every thousand calls they got 350 people who agreed to participate in their surveys.  Today, the response rate is a pathetic 90 people who agree.  One realistically must call into question the worth of polls where ninety one percent of the population has hung up the phone.

The real message here is that the same ninety one percent has hung up the phone on Obama.

The game is over and the loser in the White House doesn’t quite know it yet because.none of his advisers dares tell him.  Just like the loser in the Fuhrer Bunker.

So you think the Hitler/Obama reference is unseemly?

Well consider this:-

  • Both ran totalitarian governments
  • Both had enemies lists and ensured their enemies were persecuted
  • Both were anti-Semitic racists
  • Both had personal assassination lists and boasted about it.
  • Both used the power of the state to crush political opponents and their supporters
  • Both threw their supporters under the bus if there was the possibility of political gain.

I just can’t wait to watch Slick Willy take his revenge on the amateur bag boy in the White House for throwing Hillary under the Bus from Benghazi.  It will be ever so subtle but is will contribute to the coming rout.

In passing, I never expected Romney to be so effective and Obama to be so appallingly piss poor.
Still, that's what happens when during your first term you play four hundred rounds of golf and attend three hundred fund raisers.  Not much time left for governing.


Mighty Kites said...

Godwin's law strikes again

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Mighty Kites

Fuck off.

Are you a holocaust denier as well?

mark said...

Yeah, Barry's so anti-Semitic that the Jews who voted for him in such numbers in 2008 will probable vote for him again.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

mark, they sure as hell won't if the video tape held by the LAT is ever released.

Judge Holden said...
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Anonymous said...

You continue to make the mistake in believing that the choices are clear with your manipulated idiot being better than the other manipulated idiot. Maybe for idiots on one side or the other its that way but I would like to think that the smart neutral would look at the choices, despair that things got this bad and assume the brace position.

If you get what you deserve someone has been very naughty indeed.