Tuesday, October 30, 2012


The dental nurse got a free ride yesterday when responding to the moves outlined by English on "housing affordability.
Her Idiotic response was that "we have built upmarket four bedroom houses" in recent years as people moved to enjoy some rewards  of hard work, homes that are mostly unaffordable for first home buyers.

FFS what happened to all the houses those "rich pricks" moved out of, did they blow them up when they vacated, of course not,  they were immediately available for those starting out in home ownership.
They might not be what or where the first home buyers wanted but they were a start
Unfortunately the real truth is the financial demands of successive local body pollies in ramping up section prices with taxes and compliance costs that equate to a ponzi scheme as farm land at $10 000 an acre becomes an eqiuvelant of $1 000 000 an acre or even $2 000 000 when set up in 600 sq m lots.

Why was her inane statement not challenged, oh thats right she was preaching an economic fact as outlined in her little red book and the talking head interviewer had no idea how actually stupid it was.


Anonymous said...

I think that part of the problem is that some entry level buyers expect an entry level house to be of the type and style I'd have aspired to have after a couple of shifts and 20 years of work improving modest older homes in areas that were less up market than I would have chosen had I been richer.


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