Sunday, October 14, 2012

Foot In Mouth

They just get dumber and dumber by the day.


The Democrats and the Obama campaign.

Their latest YV ad is headlined:

New Obama ad: Few presidents have faced so many challenges

I just can't wait for the automatic rejoinder:-

New Obama ad: Few presidents have faced so many challenges and failed.


Wes said...

If by failed, you mean rescued the economy from collapse despite the GOP's best efforts, prevented any terrorist attacks on US soil, killed Osama bin Laden, passed major healthcare reform in the face of vicious partisan opposition and assisted in the overthrow of violent dictators and the steps towards democracy in several middle-Eastern states, them yep, he's guilty. Throughout this period his opponent, the failed ex-governor of a small state, has been unemployed and has no achievements whatsoever to report.


Good Lord Wes!

Where shall I begin?
The GFC was caused by the banks been pressurised into lending money to minority groups who did not have the means to pay off their loans.
Read all about Fannie and Freddie, the role of Bill Clinton, and how community organisers like Barack Obama represented campaign groups too, like ACORN, who pressurized the banks.
What can we say about the role of Obama, whose stimulus failed, with unemployment being higher in the US today, than Obama predicted WITHOUT the stimulus.
Recall Obamacare, the initiative so few wanted it led to the rise of the Tea Party and the Shellacking Obama got in 2010.
Obama prevented terrorist attacks on US soil? So a mulism soldier can shout Allahu akhbar before killing other troops at Fort Hood. No wonder the Obama government covered that up.
And what can we say about the first slaying of a US ambassador in three decades, the first since the Cater era. A government that covers up the terrorist attack, wrongly blaming it on a crappy You Tube video.
As for the overthrow of dictators, it will be interesting to see how the Islamic theorcracies being created will be any better.
In Egypt and elsewhere, you will see a real war on women, and no progress on gay marriage either. Gays will be lucky to remain alive, as will Christians.
Obama has never created a job in his life, but Romney has.
It is time for a successful businessman in the White House, not a failed community organiser, who revealed what a shambles he is without his beloved teleprompter.

As for campaign commercials, I think the Republicans did far better. Forget what Morgan Freeman says about the Middle Class, whose living standards have dropped so sharply, let us hear the words of Joe Biden.

Wes said...

Piss off Dopey Facts.

Romney hasn't worked in the private sector for well over a decade, and has been unemployed for the last five. He destroyed jobs when he was Governor of Massachusetts. Your analysis of the causes of the GFC is simply retarded. Bush's lack of regulatory oversight was the primary cause. Weak effort. Fort Hood vs 9/11, which Bush failed to prevent? No contest.

You're left defending vicious dictators in an attempt to suggest Romney's qualified on foreign policy. That's really pathetic.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


If you want to come back here from time to time, please keep a civil tongue in your head.

Abuse is the sole privilege of the blog host.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Hey Wes

They made a TV show about you. Here's some commentary.

"Biden, said Brian, was behaving like a Democrat. Not all Democrats, of course, but certainly a great many of those one encounters on the internet. Like Biden, they are rude, eager to prevent the other side from talking, and prone to attack arguments they don’t like with bad behavior rather than reasoning. "

Wes said...

Actually, that's so like you, pal, it's spooky. Is Brian your Mum?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Careful now, Wes.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Hey Wes, I see one of the American airlines is offering 1,000 free international flights to those who want to leave the country forever if their man loses.

You'd better make sure you get in and put your name down.