Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Northland based Hapu Te Uri o Hau recieved a 600 Ha forest under a treaty settlement.

They have now sold around a third of it to a Los Angeles based investment guru who intends to establish a luxury golf course on the beach front property at Mangawhai.

Do the new owners have any idea how our quaint 'Treaty' laws will treat the deal over the next 200 or so years.

1 The corrupt Americans have paid to little for it what ever that figure was.
2 The person who signed the deal for the Hapu would not have authority for that action from all who may later lodge a claim with the WT.
3 The land will be sacred, have at least one Taniwha resident, and will have Remains leading to a Tapu and or Urupa involved.
4 The water will not be transferred with the title that will be dodgy anyway in the eyes of members of the grievance gravy train.
5 Persons attempting to enter the subsequently disputed land for a game of golf will have to pay to cross the land still in Hapu ownership and John Hadfield will support that demand in the Parliament or will park his car across the gateway.
6 The Maori Council will want a share in any largess that accrues to the current owners on behalf of all Maori
All still to be thought up as a work in progress.

In the light of recent events ie Crafar Farms, this must be subjected to a commission of inquiry, Wed Wussel where the bloody hell are ya.


paulus said...

Once it is finished a Hikoi like Raglan will take place and claim "It was the Taniwha what made me do it"
Then it will revert to Gorse like Raglan, and the unsuspecting Yank will scratch his head, and call his lawyer. But that will do fa good in Maoriland.

Barnsley Bill said...

Paulus, the Raglan situation was and is completely different.
The old course was defense land that was given for a golf course. The problem with that is the the land was originally owned by the local Maori family who had it taken for defense land.
The new Raglan course is much better than the old course by the way.
To the topic at hand;
Well done mid north Maori, clever bastards.
We are all jealous.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Barnsley, you might care to do a bit of googling and have a look at this particular outfit's financial, fiscal and governance history.

It will make your eyes water.

Clever bastards, they definitely are NOT.