Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Internet shock jock goes mainstream

New Zealand’s number 1 news and opinion blogger Cameron Slater has today been appointed Editor of the Truth.
Truth is New Zealand’s last remaining Kiwi-owned national newspaper which this year turns 125 years old.
Slater has been brought on board to fundamentally change the way newspapers deliver to their audiences. Newspapers worldwide are in decline, due, Slater says, to a tired old business model that no longer works.

“We’re not going to spend $4 million on a paint job and then deliver the same tired old paid-for shit.
“Most of the media in this country is weak, and it’s paid for. The integrity in news went ages ago.”

Slater is adamant that the backbone of New Zealand – the people who work – are not getting a fair shake from government or the system. He aims to change that.

“Each and every one of us has got an investment in NZ Inc, and the majority of the people in charge of the place are taking the piss out of our investment.
“We’re going to keep the buggers honest. There’s no better disinfectant than sunlight.
“To use a tired phrase – if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear, so Wellington, you’re on notice – if you’re having a lend, we’re coming for you!”

Changes will be rolled out over a period of months and will include both print and a 24 hour news website to support the paper. Slater aims to alter the approach to news presentation significantly.
“We took the pulse of the nation, and it had nearly bloody died.
“No bastard wants to read old news – they can get that online. We’ll be more of a views-paper that promises to deliver REAL news, REAL opinion.
“The people are numb from the eyes down with the diet of PR’d crap they get now. I will not do it to them anymore – it’s not right.
“I assure you – the little paper that could still can!

There will be further announcements regarding contributors and editorial direction.
Slater’s first issue will hit newsstands on Thursday 8 November 2012.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Final Prediction

With just a week and a day to go, here's the final Adolpfian prediction.

Popular vote:

Romney by five points or more.

Electoral College

Romney 291
Obama  247

Now let's sit back and watch it all happen.  If the shameless US media fails in its current bid to cover up and shield Obama from the awful reality of Benghazi, then the result will be even more decisive.

Comments are welcome but trolls will be summarily dispatched


The dental nurse got a free ride yesterday when responding to the moves outlined by English on "housing affordability.
Her Idiotic response was that "we have built upmarket four bedroom houses" in recent years as people moved to enjoy some rewards  of hard work, homes that are mostly unaffordable for first home buyers.

FFS what happened to all the houses those "rich pricks" moved out of, did they blow them up when they vacated, of course not,  they were immediately available for those starting out in home ownership.
They might not be what or where the first home buyers wanted but they were a start
Unfortunately the real truth is the financial demands of successive local body pollies in ramping up section prices with taxes and compliance costs that equate to a ponzi scheme as farm land at $10 000 an acre becomes an eqiuvelant of $1 000 000 an acre or even $2 000 000 when set up in 600 sq m lots.

Why was her inane statement not challenged, oh thats right she was preaching an economic fact as outlined in her little red book and the talking head interviewer had no idea how actually stupid it was.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Big Norm

Adolf was away from New Zealand for all of Norman Kirk's tenure as PM and for a good while after his death.  Accordingly, he has no first hand knowledge of what Kirks prime ministership was like.

I've always been puzzled as to why Norman Kirk holds such a revered place in the annals of NZ politics.  I've read his bio on Wikipedia and there doesn't seem anything in particular to distinguish him from many other leaders from either side of the aisle.

Could it be a labour Party and its supporters desperate to find something, anything good to cling to?  Could it be that there is maudlin sentimentality attached to the fact he died with his boots on?

I don't know, so I hope someone who was around the place in those days will be able to provide some cogent answers which might be elevated from 'comments' to 'update.'


Mark D reports in:-

I remember a degree of optimism and hope surrounding his election. And subsequently a significant degree of disillusionment and dissatisfaction. I was a little young at the time to be worrying too much about the issues, but I was struck how as soon as he died the people who had been criticizing him just before were all of a sudden singing his praises. I really think the high opinion of him is just because he died in office. Had he seen out his term I'm not sure the view would have been so favorable. Of course being followed by Rowling then Muldoon can make you look good as well

Update II:

And George opines:-

Speaking as someone of conservative views I recall Norm with respect. His unionist Labour DNA was as all with that affliction, but there was one thing that marked him, an inate decency. He came from the 'working class' and he worked for them as best he could. He never forgot the poor because he was once poor.
Any man who makes his own concrete blocks after work and then builds his own house with them has my respect -- a task now outlawed by the PC dickheads and bureaucrats that have successfully infested NZ.

He was old school Labour and he 'danced with those that brung him to the dance'. The music needed changing though.

Update III:

Now I'm getting the picture:-

When Kirk came to power, NZ had overseas reserves of something like $900 million dollars. That was the last time that our balance of payments was in the black. Kirk said we did not need those reserves and told the nation Labour would use them. That $900 million dollars was gone in short order, and another $1000 million into the red as well, in just three years. Inflation went from 5.5% to 15.5% in the same period. That is what socialists do. The reality of this fiscal disaster was already dawning on the voting public when Kirk died in office.

The mild mannered Bill Rowling, who had a good "back story", was as politically inept as David Shearer is, when elevated to Prime Minister. Labour was routed in 1975 in the biggest reversal in New Zealand's political history. 

Obviously Crime Does Pay

Especially in New Zealand rugby circles as Willie Ripia steals from his team mates at the Western Force, gets kicked out, plays no rugby of any consequence and still gets picked for the New Zealand Maori team to tour the UK.


Sunday, October 28, 2012

No it's not surprising, you twats

In the SST today (and various other publications last week):

Researchers pulled the plug on [a] decade-long American study this month after finding a rigorous exercise and diet regime made no difference to the risk of a person with type 2 diabetes developing heart disease.

I always feel a vague stirring of hope on reading stories like this, that epidemiologists might finally devote some thought to why it could be that evidence for their diet/heart-disease hypothesis resolutely refuses to appear, but such hopes are usually dashed.  When the Cochrane Collaboration did a systematic review of the evidence for saturated fat in the diet contributing to heart disease and found nothing significant, epidemiologists either pretended it hadn't happened or said that well if the studies had carried on for longer or pushed saturated fat intake even lower they would surely have come up with something more conclusive. This instance of the hypothesis being shown to be wrong is likely to go the same way - in the NYT article about it, researchers involved are already trying to play up other benefits of exercise and diet for diabetics.

And you can always rely on a nutritionist academic to come up with a stupid quote. From the SST article:

...AUT University (aside:  I love the name AUT University - it stands for Auckland University of Technology University.  Short man syndrome, much?) nutrition professor Elaine Rush said this is no free pass to quit the gym and healthy food.
Adopting a healthier lifestyle could potentially reduce the risk of heart disease for certain ethnic groups or lower-socio-economic groups, she said.

Yeah, right.  Although a well-funded, high-quality, large-scale and lengthy study showed no evidence whatsoever for this view, it could "potentially" still be correct because the study involved Americans, not Polynesians or proletarians.  Excuse me while I bang my head on the desk for a minute.

She's not finished, though:

People with diabetes also have a responsibility to their community and family to set an example...

You couldn't really ask for a better illustration of how nutritionists' approach to diet tends to be a moral rather than a scientific one.

The public web site for the study is here.  Just to twist the knife, having read the Study Protocol, I can assure you that for the intervention group they scrupulously followed the calorie-restricted, low-fat, high-carb diet recommended by epidemiologists and nutritionists as being likely to reduce your risk of heart disease.

Who won?

Well Canterbury of course.

Had Telusa Veainu regathered the "KNOCK UP" and dotted down under the posts, would Jackson have disallowed it, still penalised Telusa and given a yellow card, I think not, the commentators and the officials would have rightly said, wonderful hands and moved on.
For my money it was an instinctive attempt at an intercept, albeit at very close range and stop whining Pivac it was nothing close to a penalty try!!

Did Tom McCartney deliberately target Fruen's head with his elbow when he joined the ruck from the side and leave the Canterbury "Mack Truck"  needing time in the blood bin.

Did the Auckland pack continually flop over in the collision to deny The Red and Blacks any chance of contesting the ball.

With McCaw in Asia for Fonterra, Danny C. doing domestics,  Sam Whitelock, Luke Romano, Kieran Read  and Owen Franks, all resting and with an almost full team sitting in the stands with injuries, who the fuck was in control of the "cheating".

Maybe Tabai, Scott and Arron did the biz in the leadup and maybe  George Whitelock with five winners medals and the rest of the bunch giving their guts and proving on the night they were "Simply The Best".

Great effort Daniel Braid and your talented team, you clearly came to play but the Rhythm & Blacks were ahead at the end.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

To "Nasty' Add 'Tacky and Smutty'

The clueless crassness of the Obama campaign knows no bounds.

They are running an ad which exhorts young women to 'do it the first time' with Obama.

God knows who thought up this idea.  Clearly, Obama thinks he has no show with that large sector of the American polulace whose sensitivity to smut is about ten times greater than that of Kiwis or Ockers.

Why not go the whole hog and show a picture of the Dork with his dick in his hand?  (With apologies to Mario Puzo and Frances Ford Coppola.)

That's about all he's got left.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Where Are The Protests?

For this past few years news media around the world have mounted a consistent campaign of denigration against the Catholic Church for its mishandling of sex abuse.

Now that the culprit is the that darling of the pinkos, the BBC,  there seems to be little more than a shrug of the shoulders.  Yet this scandal far eclipses anything for which the church was found culpable


It is no wonder that journalist are seen to have worse morals than whores and prostitutes.  The only difference between the two professions appears to be the need for a university degree in one and a supple back in the other.

Size Really DOES Matter

Some weeks ago I noticed that, as the days progressed, the more recent polls within the RCP average showed a far more positive result for Governor Romney than that shown by the RCP average itself.  All you had to do was bring forward the 'drop off' date to eight days from the present.   This indicated that Mr Romney was overtaking the Black Arsed JackAss whose only good news was old news.

PollDateSampleMoERomney (R)Obama (D)Spread
RCP Average10/15 - 10/24----47.847.1Romney +0.7
Associated Press/GfK10/19 - 10/23839 LV4.24745Romney +2
Rasmussen Reports10/22 - 10/241500 LV3.05047Romney +3
IBD/TIPP10/19 - 10/24948 LV3.54547Obama +2
Gallup10/18 - 10/242700 LV2.05047Romney +3
ABC News/Wash Post10/20 - 10/231394 LV3.04948Romney +1
Monmouth/SurveyUSA/Braun10/18 - 10/211402 LV2.64845Romney +3
NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl10/17 - 10/20816 LV3.44747Tie
CBS News10/17 - 10/20790 LV4.04648Obama +2
WashTimes/JZ Analytics*10/18 - 10/20800 LV3.54750Obama +3
Politico/GWU/Battleground10/15 - 10/181000 LV3.14947Romney +2

A far more observant observer than I (I'm damned if I can find where I saw the piece but when I do I'll put up the link.  Found it!) has noticed that there is a consistent variation depending on sample size.  All the polls in which more than 1,000 likely voters were sampled are strongly in favour of President Romney.  With one recent exception, posted since the piece was written, every one of the polls with less than 1,000 likely voters sampled favours Obama.

I haven't yet looked at the internals to see what the Democrat/Republican split is for the smaller polls but I can't help wonder whether those outfits which shill for Obama are too lousy to spend the large amounts of money it takes to phone up 1,000 people to talk to just thirty.  Yes, the last figure I saw for poll respondents was just three percent.

My guess is the second biggest loser after Obama on November 6th will be the US media associated public polls.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Variety Is The Spice Of Death...

.....and in other news from North Korea it seems that great Lerner and Loewe musical 'My Fair Lady' opened a few days ago in Pyongyang.

It's opening song became an instant hit.

"Wouldn't It Be Rubbery?"

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Dead Demographic

There is one sector of the voting public which always has favoured Democrats - by one hundred percent.

The 'Dead Vote.'

Here is the President at his most successful recent rally.

I sincerely hope the Republicans have skilled observers watching for voter fraud in the swing states.  That's about all Obama has left. 

When they are caught, President Romney should ensure the fraudsters are exposed, prosecuted and convicted.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ahmadinnerjacket Endorses Obama........

.........cedes Jewish vote to Romney.

The New York Times is reporting Iran has agreed to 'one on one' negotiations - whatever that means - with the US on it's nuclear programme.  I'm sure Israel is impressed!

What a coincidence - just two days before the final presidential debate on foreign policy.   How clumsy.

Good God, is that all they've got for an October surprise?  At least Bill Clinton had the nerve to fire a couple of tomahawk missiles up some Afghan camels arses.

The killer punch for Obama is the Iranians' refusal to deal with President Romney.  They want to negotiate with a 'weak horse,' a horse called Obama.

Iranian officials have insisted that the talks wait until after the presidential election, a senior administration official said, telling their American counterparts that they want to know with whom they would be negotiating.  
I think they can be sure they WON'T be negotiating with president Romney.

Thus did the Mad Mullahs drive the American Jewish vote into the arms of the Republicans.

Friday, October 19, 2012



Not my words folks ....... and coming from the Obama Camp!!!!   'The only developed country to get it right' bit will bet be music to Mr English's ears.    One wonders whether we can expect to see Mr Orszag 'outed' now as a confirmed eater of babies.    I'm sure Anon et al will oblige.       

Former Budget Chief to Obama: New Zealand alone has managed the crisis right
A top former financial advisor to President Obama has given New Zealand a ringing endorsement for the way the National Government is handling the global financial crisis.
Peter Orszag, Obama’s Director of the Office of Management and Budget until 2010, singled out New Zealand as the model for a balanced response to the international debt crisis.
Mr Orszag observed the importance of combining long-term deficit reduction measures with additional support for the economy, and identified New Zealand as the only country which has got the balance right.
“If you look across all the developed countries, there is only one country… which has actually done that, which is New Zealand – who have coupled additional stimulus with medium-term fiscal consolidation. That’s the right combination.”

Thursday, October 18, 2012

D35 R35 I29

Just For Fun

Let’s take some of the national opinion polls – where I can find the internals - from this past two weeks (excluding the two major daily trackers) and apply the 2010 exit poll party split to their internals, so that their samples represent the party percentages which actually turned out in 2010. That was Dem 35, Rep 35 and Ind 29..

I reckon that will give a pretty good indication of what actually might happen in November.  After all, even the Obamabots don’t believe they’ll get anywhere near the same turnout as they did in 2008 and, by all accounts, this year the Republicans are on fire, just as they were in 2010.. If one assumed the Dems will vote Obama and the Republicans will vote Romney, then Independents appear to be swinging hard toward Guvernor Romney.

The polls in question are:-

ABC/WaPo                 D35, R26, I33              Obama 49       Romney 46       Obama   by 3
Independents breaking for Romney by 19 to 14
Adjusted                      D35, R35, I29             Obama 47       Romney 53        Romney by 6

Monmouth                  D35, R32, I33              Romney 47     Obama 46         Romney by 1
Independents breaking for Romney by 19 to 14
Adjusted                      D35, R35, I29             Romney 52       Obama 49        Romney by 3

Fox                              D37, R30, I32              Romney 46     Obama 45         Romney by 1
Independents breaking for Romney by 20 to 12
Adjusted                      D35, R35, I29             Romney  53      Obama 46         Romney by 7

So what can one make of it all?

  • Do the people at Fox News REALLY think the turnout in a couple of weeks will include over twenty percent more Democrats than Republicans?  I thought the Socialists hated Fox.  Is Fox trying to scare Republicans into actually getting out to vote?

  •  Do the people at ABC and WaPo SERIOUSLY expect readers to believe thirty five percent more Democrats than Republicans will vote this time round?  Maybe they are trying to ‘maintain the rage’ (as Whitlam used to say) amongst the dispirited Democrats who can smell the looming stench of defeat.

Whatever the ins and outs of it, it’s just one more reason for me to think the result in November will be a landslide.

Wes is welcome to comment but he’s on probation.  A hint of abuse and he’s off to join his other leftie troll mates on a desert island with no internet connection.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Opinion Polls – Chicago Style - Updated

Update 17/10:-

Extortion by the White House wasn't enough, apparently.  They are still complaining about Gallup.

In a memo Monday, it took issue with a Gallup/USA Today survey. Obama pollster Joel Benenson wrote, “The latest Gallup USA Today Battleground survey showing President Obama and Governor Romney tied with women in battleground states (48-48) is an extreme outlier, defying the trends seen in every other battleground and national poll. This result underscores deep flaws in Gallup’s likely voter screen.”
Squeal, squeak, squirm, whine, moan.  Doncha just hate it when your victims don't do EXACTLY what you want?

I can't wait to see how Obama's 'women' vote goes when he finally blames Hillary for Benghazi.  Maybe that's part of Slick Willy's subtle revenge.  You can be sure Hillary will be taking his advice.

Much has been written recently about public media commissioned opinion polls and their reliability or unreliability viz a viz the American presidential election.  Writers have focused on alleged bias for Obama or Romney,  the merit or otherwise of ‘weighting the sample’ for party affiliation according to previous exit polls; the practice of weighting samples to reflect racial or ethnic characteristics, the use of registered voters versus likely voters and so on.

Here, just to keep our Obamatrols happy, as they sink into chronic bitter pre-defeat depression,  is a lovely example of how the polls really work.

Gallup has been around almost since polling started in the 1940s and to my knowledge is not affiliated with any media organisation.  It is independent..  The company is probably the best known and most respected pollster in the business.  Or it was until Obama got hold of it.

A couple of months ago it was reported that the Whitehouse had complained to Gallup about the methodology used in its presidential polling. Clearly Obama’s men have vast experience in the intricacies of polling methods and are more experienced than a company which has been at it for fifty years or so.

The Nazis Obamabots couldn’t believe their guy was not doing a whole lot better after they had just spent two hundred million dollars publicly defaming Governor Romney.  They demanded Gallup attend a meeting and explain why it should not change its sampling methods.  Apparently Gallup declined this kind invitation and lo and behold, within days, the nice man Himler Holder at the Gestapo Department of Justice had initiated a major and potentially debilitating legal action against the Gallup organization.

Yep.  That’s the way things are done in Chicago.  “Gee, this is a nice business you have here!!!”

The company caved in.

About a month ago they changed their sampling formula, doing so without any public notification.  The moved to sample significantly more registered democrats and less whites.  If not for the probing of expert investigative journalists nobody would have known their polls had now been rigged in favour of Obama.

Alan Abramowitz of Huffington Post and The Democratic Strategist noticed that Gallup has increased its share of nonwhites from 27 percent the week of the convention to 32 percent last week, a nearly 20 percent boost. In other words, Gallup seemed to have tweaked its methodology with just weeks to go until Election Day to reflect the criticism that has come from the left.

If you go to the Gallop link and look at the trend lines you can see when it happened.  About three weeks ago.  Just in time to persuade a gullible public that Obama is doing about three percentage points better than he really is doing.  Such is the self delusion practiced by the Left.

Neat eh?

So redraw the lines giving Mr Obama three points less than the graph shows and you’ll get a pretty clear picture of where it’s at right now.  It's very easy to see where the fix went in.  Second week in September.

Meanwhile Gallup has allowed its reputation to be trashed and thereby has cost itself far more than any potential litigation may have done.


Northland based Hapu Te Uri o Hau recieved a 600 Ha forest under a treaty settlement.

They have now sold around a third of it to a Los Angeles based investment guru who intends to establish a luxury golf course on the beach front property at Mangawhai.

Do the new owners have any idea how our quaint 'Treaty' laws will treat the deal over the next 200 or so years.

1 The corrupt Americans have paid to little for it what ever that figure was.
2 The person who signed the deal for the Hapu would not have authority for that action from all who may later lodge a claim with the WT.
3 The land will be sacred, have at least one Taniwha resident, and will have Remains leading to a Tapu and or Urupa involved.
4 The water will not be transferred with the title that will be dodgy anyway in the eyes of members of the grievance gravy train.
5 Persons attempting to enter the subsequently disputed land for a game of golf will have to pay to cross the land still in Hapu ownership and John Hadfield will support that demand in the Parliament or will park his car across the gateway.
6 The Maori Council will want a share in any largess that accrues to the current owners on behalf of all Maori
All still to be thought up as a work in progress.

In the light of recent events ie Crafar Farms, this must be subjected to a commission of inquiry, Wed Wussel where the bloody hell are ya.

Value your image young man.

I have long been a fan of Murph, however his latest earner as the front for people who are making money from government sanctioned WOF inspections are starting to erode my respect.

Now I see a small truth in the claims of a small possible danger of a vehicle becoming unsafe if not inspected for 12 months.
Many vehicles are non compliant within hours of passing the "test".
Others will line up every six months and be completely compliant every time, as for a pensioner doing very minor travel, being very careful with maintenance and being taxed an unnecessary  $80 / $100 pa and exposure to equally unnecessary minor issues with the six monthly compliance cost, is increasingly stupid as a safety issue.

Yes we have a high ratio of older cars in the fleet , many owned by proud people who have a love of things past and another bunch who have a somewhat cavalier attitude to minor details such as rego and Wof (just watch "highway patrol" sometime).
A significant cause of accidents is driver error, therefore I see some merit in the sugested changes. An additional factor is the need to encourage a better sense of owner/ driver awareness of what constitutes a safe vehicle. Daily, weekly and monthly checks should form a serious part of safe vehicle operation but sadly far too many rely on the 6 monthly check as the total maintenance regime.

By all means Murph you and your MTA funders should have input to a law change but much of what is being claimed is rubbish. 80 potential additional deaths?

Still it is only money for you Murph but have a squiz at those now very embarassing advts that Richard Long and PineTree fronted for the crooks in the "finance industry". Many still regard Car Dealers as dodgy and the current campaign is potentially going to erode any progress the best efforts of the MTA might accomplish.

One size fits all is no longer appropriate as the world has not collapsed with New vehicles getting 5 years of annual WOF cycle even though it is very feasible that a five year old vehicle could be clapped out with over 700 000 Kms in that five years.

As with every compulsion it is often neither fair or effective, something I regarded you Murph, as representing at all times.

Btw I think the advts that encourage using a MTA garage are positive for purchase and repairs  but even then  some scarse git will slip through and shit in the nest.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How Long before He Collides with Justice Again?

William Curtis, the gang related father of the two young warriors who assisted Nia Glassey's exit from this life, is to be released from his pathetic sentence in the washup of the tragic death of the little girl.

Having moved into the "home" that Lisa Kuka and Wiremu Curtis had established in Rotorua,  assaulted and severely damaged the little one before his sons and others finally ended Nia's life in a case that Nigel Latta covered in his "Darklands" program recently, he had incurred a sentence of just over 4 years.

Orewa Kemp, another involved, re-entered the media with revellations she is pregnant.  Wiremu Curtis, his brother, and Kuka still are our guests in the care of Corrections.

Meanwhile, the cancer that is welfare is still tinkering around the edges of the child abuse problem, statistically revealed as a major Maori problem but one that Maori as a demographic refuse to even acknowledge, let alone attempt to resolve. Oh, they do address it occasionally but only to blame others for what they do with their own hands, often while abusing substances at the same time.

Ninety One Percent Hung Up The Phone

The current US presidential election bears some resemblance to the closing months of the Second World War in Europe.

The Republicans came storming ashore at Normandy Denver while the previously invincible enemy leader, Hitler Obama, was asleep at the wheel.   Shortly thereafter, the USAF and RAF bombing campaign Big Red Bus from Benghazi put paid to any last vestige of a chance for the enemy to prevail.  It was evident to those with eyes to see many that many Germans Democrats, including generals campaign officials, secretly knew the game was up  The evidence was seen in their demeanour, body language and lack of real enthusiasm.  They were going through the motions.

Take the latest opinion poll put up by the ITTFO Washington Post/ABC combo

They have Obama leading by three points but the sample is over weighted with Democrats by nine points compared with the turnout in 2010.  By most accounts, turnout in 2012 is expected to be at least similar to 2010 or better for the Republicans, so the Lord Haw Haws of the Wapo and ABC really know that their man is down the drain by a huge six percent and that Governor Romney is headed for a massive six percent landslide win.

The real kick in the guts for Hitler Obama and the rest of his gangsters is the result among independent.voters – that critical band of swing voters who will decide the result.  They support Romney by a margin of six points, a massive reversal for Hitler Obama who enjoyed an eight percent margin of support from these people in 2008.

BUT, has anyone really thought carefully about how reliable any of these polls might be?

Consider that not much more than ten years ago in the US, pollsters obtained a 35% response rate to their telephone calls.  That means to say for every thousand calls they got 350 people who agreed to participate in their surveys.  Today, the response rate is a pathetic 90 people who agree.  One realistically must call into question the worth of polls where ninety one percent of the population has hung up the phone.

The real message here is that the same ninety one percent has hung up the phone on Obama.

The game is over and the loser in the White House doesn’t quite know it yet because.none of his advisers dares tell him.  Just like the loser in the Fuhrer Bunker.

So you think the Hitler/Obama reference is unseemly?

Well consider this:-

  • Both ran totalitarian governments
  • Both had enemies lists and ensured their enemies were persecuted
  • Both were anti-Semitic racists
  • Both had personal assassination lists and boasted about it.
  • Both used the power of the state to crush political opponents and their supporters
  • Both threw their supporters under the bus if there was the possibility of political gain.

I just can’t wait to watch Slick Willy take his revenge on the amateur bag boy in the White House for throwing Hillary under the Bus from Benghazi.  It will be ever so subtle but is will contribute to the coming rout.

In passing, I never expected Romney to be so effective and Obama to be so appallingly piss poor.
Still, that's what happens when during your first term you play four hundred rounds of golf and attend three hundred fund raisers.  Not much time left for governing.

Missing the point

Media coverage of MSD making data about its clients available to the public has concentrated on its apparent inability to set up public access kiosks properly.  This is missing the point, as described by Danyl here:

The kiosks aren’t really the problem here. The kiosks are how the public found out that MSD doesn’t seem to have any internal IT security.

Look at it this way: if you’re reading this at work and you try and access the folders or shared drive of your legal department, or HR department and you’re not a member of those groups, you won’t be able to. They’ll contain privileged information so they’re locked down. This level of security has been ubiquitous in corporate environments since the 1980s.

But not at MSD. If someone gets a temporary contract, or an entry level data-entry job at MSD they’ll still have access to all the private information Keith obtained through the kiosks.

Yes.  This is the truly horrifying part.  Either the kiosks were set up to use system administrator accounts to access the network (highly unlikely), or the network has no internal security being applied to it (which up until now I'd also have assumed was highly unlikely, but it's less unlikely than the first option).

This is a genuinely astonishing level of incompetence.  Anyone capable of building MSD's network would be used to building in access controls because every other network on the planet uses them, so there's a suspicion here that someone high up in MSD's management made a policy decision not to control access.  This some serious shit.

It's also a non-party-political issue, ie it could as easily have happened under a Labour govt - but it's worth noting that, as expected, Minister Bennett's response to this bad news was to release private data to try and discredit the people who reported the fuck-up.  Classy as ever...

Monday, October 15, 2012

More Deceptive Reporting

This time, from Fox News of all places.   Doesn't matter who does it, it is an odious practice.

Here's the headline:-

North Carolina university votes to ban Chick-fil-A from campus

Here's the truth:

Elon University’s Student Government Association voted 35-11 to ask its food vendor to find another restaurant to take its place, the Daily Advance reports.
Now, the decision goes to the Student Government Association’s executive president, Darien Flowers, who can accept the vote or veto it.
Flowers said he wants to talk to students and other people before making a decision, according to the paper.
The ultimate decision on whether Chick-fil-A stays will be made by senior administrators at the private college and Elon's president, school spokesman Dan Anderson told the paper.

So, the students have voted to oust Chic-fil-A but the student president may well veto the vote and the decision lies not with the students but with the administration.

Note to Fox.

Shame on you.

Students, a university do not make.  They are merely an unseemly, obnoxious and, at times, smelly part of a university.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Global warming stopped 16 years ago

This is just so funny, if it wasn't for the billions taken from us by lying greenies and Al Gore acolytes:
The world stopped getting warmer almost 16 years ago, according to new data released last week.

The figures, which have triggered debate among climate scientists, reveal that from the beginning of 1997 until August 2012, there was no discernible rise in aggregate global temperatures.
The killer blow?

The new data, compiled from more than 3,000 measuring points on land and sea, was issued quietly on the internet, without any media fanfare, and, until today, it has not been reported.

When are Al Gore and the acolytes going to get the same scrutiny Lance Armstrong got?  He's a fraud and a cheat, just like Al and his mates.

Hat Tip: The Whale

Foot In Mouth

They just get dumber and dumber by the day.


The Democrats and the Obama campaign.

Their latest YV ad is headlined:

New Obama ad: Few presidents have faced so many challenges

I just can't wait for the automatic rejoinder:-

New Obama ad: Few presidents have faced so many challenges and failed.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Where do they get their qualifications?

This morning Akaroa awoke to the sound of rain on the roof, it was mild and a warm NW rain had reached our little bit of paradise, a relatively rare occurrence.

Mid morning the weather clagged from the southerly quarter  as predicted, The Sea Princess was barely visible at 800 meters moored off Wainui.

The lighters were bringing passengers ashore at the Akaroa main wharf at 100 per trip.

My good friend at the information center was very surprised that the boat had even come into the harbour let alone continued to bring passengers ashore.

Since Midday the weather has deteriorated with continuous rain and since late anoon the winds predicted to gust to 140 kph have battered us.

Some 800 passengers are unable to return to the "Love Boat" but love may be an absent emotion.

I would have said "no way jose" at 0800 hrs but clearly someone with a very advanced sence of ability has made a very different assessment and I hope the people in charge of the ship  have taken the cruise liner out of the harbour as destructive squalls are making our house shudder. They are of a strength that often results in moored yachts in much more sheltered bays break moorings and founder.

The ship is on her own, there are no tugs and precious little assistance if anything goes pearshaped

Maybe it was the captains birthday? Maybe he got his ticket on line, here's hoping it all turns out ok, hope is about all that is left.

Friday, October 12, 2012

What is the real story?

It aint what ever Key might have said to a bunch of spies in their Cafeteria last February.
It is all about a few public servants breaking rules of employment, ignoring their legal obligations and leaking confidential and priveledged information to the press secretary on the labour leaders staff, possibly as pillow talk.
Labour destroyed Madelaine Setchell's employment prospects on the possibility of such an event occcuring.

As the gathering was in a cafeteria I am assuming it was a mix and mingle occasion so;

Recording someone without their permission given or implied.
"Spying" on a newZealand citizen.
Using such information for political purposes.
Adds up to what exactly

 Then the temporary leader of the Labour Party shamelessly uses the information, having claimed on election that he was going to eschew such behaviour.
One saving grace for that condemned man is he has no credibility to lose, the tank is EMPTY

Labour press secretary involved in public service leaks

So, let's get this straight: Fran Mold's partner works for GCSB and has been leaking information to Labour on the Kim Dotcom saga, including possible tape recordings of the Prime Minister.

Where does one start with how bad this is?

Who will be the first to lose their job?  

What will Shearer do about it?  After all, he is the one who is condemning Key for showing lack of leadership.  It's time for him to show some and sack Mold and in the reshuffle remove Robertson to the cheap seats.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


A quick post before I head off (again).  I have previously resisted the temptation to 'call' the US Presidential election because it's never over till it's over but certainly by any and all measures the election is one for Obama to lose.
But equally clearly the less than stellar performance by Obama in the first Presidential debate had made the race more interesting to the point where Thursday's Vice Presidential debate has more riding on it than any Vice Presidential debate in recent times.
Two candidates, one 'old' one 'new'.   One a Washington insider as a Senator and Vice President for the last four decades; the other a Congressman since 1998 and with his roots firmly in the Mid West,  Both Catholics from the wrong sides of the tracks.    
So it's going to be interesting.   In the Presidential debate Obama was expected to walk all over Romney, he didn't.    In the Vice Presidential debate the Republicans will be hoping that Ryan can provoke the gaffe prone Biden into more stunners while the Democrats will count on Ryan's penchant for detail to switch off the audience.   Whatever, there is a lot riding on this for both campaigns ... going to be interesting viewing.
Gillard made a HUGE tactical error in backing Slipper in the 'no confidence' debate while at the same time Independents Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott, aided and abetted by Labor's Anthony Albanese, were telling Slipper that his position was untenable.    Gillard was seen as defending the indefensible with her caucus forced to back her in the vote; it was a position that many of them were uncomfortable with ... and with the latest poll showing a 3% drop in Labor support (and this was before the vote) one could be forgiven for thinking the Rudd camp just had an early Christmas present.
I think too Gillard is overplaying her hand in trying to paint Abbot as an unreconstructed misogynist.    Abbott enjoys a normal family relationship with a wife and three daughters.   Gillard's relationship of convenience is a matter of public record.     Abbot has as his Chief of Staff the formidable Peta Credlin, his Chief Press Officer is a female, his Deputy is a female.
Actions speak louder than words and that is hardly the action of a unreconstructed misogynist.

The Naked American?

I guess the latest on the Lance Armstrong saga could mean he has been 'red zoned'.

The last solid segment of his foundation that he is not a drug cheat seems to have been removed as George Hincapie comes clean and the latest from the US anti doping agency report confirms further damming evidence that Armstrong for all his accomplishments and cancer charity effort is just  another f#*king drug cheat.


As further disgusting revelations continue to erode the little residual  credibility of that piece of shit and his legend as a "star" of the state funded broadcaster, I am left wondering how many of those who "knew" what was going down and chose to ignore it are still sucking on the wonderful tit that is "The Beeb".

There will be those who were too scared to suggest the emperor was stark naked, understandable albeit inexcusable but more disturbing is how many  knew and accepted his moral compass was in order as Saville completely fucked with so many vulnerable young lives.

The completely abhorent attitude among pedophiles that they are bringing no harm to what I see clearly as victims, as they indulge their fantasy sick sexual world, seriously threatens to undermine my opposition to Capital Punishment.

 I see his family have removed the gravestone from his plot, now Mr Cameron, have his honours removed as well.

Edmund Burke , nailed it with; "all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing". There must have been precious few "good men" any where around Saville.

Poetic Justice

Or, why governments should be careful about letting people with a sufficiently large wad of cash buy permanent residence, summed up in a single image:

Over the last month or so, support for National, according to Roy Morgan Research, has dropped a full 5 percentage points.  Confidence in the govt has taken a similar turn.  How's that business immigration policy looking now, National?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sometimes youth rates are best practice.

Sometimes a job is not worth paying a labour unit to do it.

Sometimes what a worker can produce in one hour is also not viable at the minimum wage.

Maybe, just maybe, those two rules of business  may come together through movement of either or both and it results in an opening for creation of a job.

Legislating will not make a skerrik of difference unless the government steals money from an earner to subsidise the task. Reality is it wont get done until it builds  to a point where a machine or a contractor blitzes it.
A person on the unemployment benefit must be better off socially financially and personally at $400 a week for 40 hours getting off their arse.

Go to any pub in the village of the dammed, the language and accents immediately reveal how many citizens from the world are looking for rewards of working, living in cabins or back packers, and still there are people in NZ claiming there are no jobs.

Hon Trevor Mallard went up SH1 to Horowhenua, to investigate a claim that asparagus growers needed to seek labour from the Islands as New Zealanders were not willing to gather the spears. Yes it was hard work but even a reasonably fit Cabinet Minister coped for one morning.
On piece rates he was around the minimum wage,  it was work but no locals could be bothered.
Put a finite time on the dole and a change in attitude follows.

As a child in the 50s, an older guy lived alone in a weatherboard house across the St from my primary school. As he had need for money and no welfare, Jimmy would do anything for reward.
I have a vivid memory of Jimmy, probably in his sixties, prising rocks from the soil of a paddock belonging to a neighbour with a crowbar, and wrestling them to the terrace at paddocks edge.
It gave Jimmy another few Pounds for his grog, probably one quid per day and a lunch tossed in.  He rode an old bike the 15kms on a metal road to work.

I dont recall anyone suggesting poverty at the time, he was "working". It was hard yakker, his back was hurting, it seemed mindnumbingly boring and tedious, the alternative was no money for Jimmy.

Needs must when the devil drives.

Julia - "Bring Back Alan".

Slippery  Slipper, slick  slob, slips  slides  sloughs, slime  sludge,  sewerage.

Sunlight and oxygen.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Governments consume, and all to often waste, dollars taken from taxpayers by compulsion, funds that taxpayers normally use to 'create' additional productive jobs.

Many consider that the socialists by expanding entitlements and a bureaucracy to administer the largesse,  were creating jobs. BS to that.

The bureaucrats were just additional beneficiaries only they had progresssed from a 'client' to a 'manager', they were still on welfare.

A job is when someone through their own initiative makes something or  employs another person,  to make a saleable product that another entity wants to buy.

Sometimes in the real world, there is no market.  It may be temporary or as we move through time it manifests as a fact of modern life by being consigned rightfully to history.
Candles have only survived by morphing from absolute necessity as a light source to a decorative accoutrement.

Some manufacturers and most socialists are decrying the difficult trading conditions and reduced employment opportunities, at present being squeezed by falling demand and a dollar that is elevated in value against the $US.

The socilist solution is government intervention. That should read taxpayer levies to prop up an enterprise that has failed to adapt or is temporarily unable to satisfy a market that has for one reason or another decided it does not want to buy.

I had thought David Lange with a big contribution from Bob Jones had buried Muldoonism for ever, it appears I am mistaken. Parker, Shearer and Norman are leading another run for the clifftop, in an attempt to convince the ignorant that they can thwart every other business brain in the world and push water uphill with a rake.

Btw has anyone found out the real reason that Lemmings do that insane thing every now and then.

Monday, October 8, 2012

I Hope He Gets His Arse sued Off - Update

A smart arse Obama shill 'media  personality' has accused Governor Romney of being a felon on account of failing to pay federal income taxes.

Fox News delicately reports that the fool Letterman 'suggested' Romney is a felon.  Be my guest and read the transcript.  This was no damned 'suggestion'  This was full on defamation.

"Yeah, we want to get a look at those tax returns because I believe we will discover that the man has not paid a nickel in United States federal income tax," Letterman said. "That’s right, we have a felon running for president."

Then read the letter from Price Waterhouse.

The first two bullet points spell out the reality.  I hope president Romney sues him for every penny he has.

When you've got a vacant, vacuous, fulla bullshit, shoe shime boy for a candidate I guess you can't do much other than lie through your teeth.

And for the comment of the campaign, I can't go past Obamaphile TV host  and milliion dollar donor Bill Maher whose reaction to the JackAss's debate disaster was:-

"Hell, he musta spent my million on weed!"

Little does know just how close to the truth he may be.


From Victor Davis Hanson:-

"Over 60 million Americans witnessed that the clothes have no emperor"