Friday, September 7, 2012

Train Wreak At Nuremburg Rally - Updated

Some Republican commentators are concerned the Romney campaign has not yet begun to blitz the airwaves with anti Democrat attack ads.  They need not worry.  The Democrats are doing it all for them with their chaotic shambles in Charlotte..


  • the great open air acceptance speech has been cancelled due to lack of interest.  They can't even find enough unionists to bus in from interstate.  Of course, possible inclement weather is the excuse.  Look for live crosses to the 75,000 seat empty Bank of America Stadium during Obama's speech - under clear starlit skies.   
 Update:  Well I never.  You woulda never guessed.!

Not a single raindrop is falling from a nearly cloudless sky in Charlotte, N.C., as President Barack Obama begins delivering his nomination acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention.
Obama took the stage at Time Warner Cable Arena on Thursday night about an hour after his motorcade whizzed by the empty and dark Bank of America Stadium where he originally had planned to deliver the speech.
  • somebody woke up too late that the omission of God and Jerusalem from the Democrat platform might damage the Jewish and Christian vote.  Funny thing is, Obama was happy with the script until he became unhappy with it, after the Republicans picked up the gaffe.
  • national networks broadcast live the appalling booing and virulent anti-semitism which now permeates the Democratic party.  Perhaps America's Jewish community might wake up at last and realise they are being led like lambs to the slaughter by these modern day Nazis.
  • another fake celebrity takes the stage.  This time a steel worker alleged to have been employed by a Bain Capital controlled company.  Turns out he was not employed by the company, he was a union organiser.


Wes said...

Smell that desperation, It's just pouring off you! No RNC bounce, and so now it's back to smears and lies. Classic. Go back to opining about how great for black people slavery was. That was great.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

We have attracted today's duty troll.

Romney was trailing Obama by two points before the RNC and now sits on a steady three point lead among likely voters, according to Rasmussen. That looks like a pretty healthy bounce to me.

Now tell me Wes, do you regard the Charlotte Chambles as a roaring success? Hell, if Bill Clinton announced he was voting for Romney you'd try to bullshit your way around him. (And he actually came close!)

Psycho Milt said...

... the omission of God and Jerusalem from the Democrat platform might damage the Jewish and Christian vote.

The fact that the omission of such idiocies can be regarded as a "gaffe" highlights how toxic and just plain stupid the American political environment is.

Wes said...

That's right Adolf, the DNC monitors No Minister because if its enormous influence.

No bounce. See Gallup. Romney's even fallen back according to Rasmussen, and they have a hopeless Republican bias, as you well know.

Yep, the DNC's going really well. Wait and see, sucker.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Wes, you confirm your status is a dick. Gallup takes seven days to reflect any change. You might note also Gallop has been subjected to the Democrats's 'Say, you've got a nice business there' form of Chicago persuasion because it published some poll results which Ombama didn't want to see. Not to mention registered voters v likely voters.

I see you still don't have an opinion on the value of the Charlotte Chambles?

Wes said...

"Gallup takes seven days to reflect any change."

It's been seven days and, tewwibly sowwy, no bouncey bouncey. Awwww:

"I see you still don't have an opinion on the value of the Charlotte Chambles?"

Umm yeah I did. Wrong again. Perhaps Willard can go on another overseas trip, given you're so partial to a shambles and all.

Ackers said...

I love your desperation Adolf. Others see it somewhat differently.

'With the exception of the major glitch of taking out and putting in some bullshit language about God and Jerusalem from the platform, the Democratic Convention has been one of the most kinetic, exciting, dynamic events of recent times. To say that it has surprised everyone, including especially journalists, is to make something of an understatement. It has gobsmacked, it has knocked itself out of the park, it has been a triumph of political organisation. The degree of the triumph has extended well beyond the faithful.

In Tampa last week, Mitt Romney got the lowest ratings in history for a candidate's acceptance speech, his TV ratings, at 25 million, down 30% from John McCain's in 2008. Last night, Bill Clinton's speech beat the football -- the first game of the NFL season, leading to the Super Bowl.'

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Not desperate Ackers. Quite relaxed.

If you call that kinetic, exciting, dynamic etc then you need to stop spending the your days with accountants, actuaries and morticians.

Anonymous said...

You could sense desperation emanating off Obama in waves. The Community Organiser is in trouble and he knows it.

Not even Slick Willie could help him (not that he would ever want to) nor the schmaltzy rhetoric from dressed down to meet the 'folks' Michelle.

Interesting days ahead.

Mrs Danvers

Wes said...

Really? Read it and weep, girls:

Now we'll see a tsunami of smears from the Romney and his superpacs. This'll show the Republicans in full flight vicious. Won't work though. Willard knows it's over. That's why he's not releasing his tax returns.

Wes said...

Bouncey bouncey:

Sorry girls.

Wes said...

Awwww, you ladies have gone all qwiet. It just gets worse and worse:

Given that the DNC was such a "chambles" this can't be good news for Mittens can it?

Wes said...

Oh no! Obama's now raising more money than poor old Mitt. No wonder you've decided to lie low for a while. Are we looking at a re-run of 1996 or 1984 do you think?

Mighty Kites said...

Poor old Adolf, the flip-flopper just can't catch a break. I bet the Republican strategists are really wishing that Santorum hadn't dropped out of the primaries, especially now that Obama has a six-point lead when you average all poll results. The DNC convention has sewn up this election for Obama and there's nothing the flip-flopper can do