Friday, September 21, 2012


See here for the job advert to beat all job adverts.

Speights Beer, Bluff oysters and real Southern Men.


Noel said...

"Then your'e probably completely mad"

That about says it. This was once a DOC responsiblity contracted out.
No pay range as can be expected with contractors where the higher wages are for those who put in the least effort.

Mind you the Human Resources person probably got a good KPI for that effort.

The Veteran said...

What, DOC was ressponsible for weed spraying on private land?

..... strange ascertion.

..... and, 'contracted out' to whom? Answer, the private sector.

FYI GroundSpray is a private company formed in 2001 offering an environmentally focused weed control service to central and regional government and private farm owners.

Completely lost the point of your post.

pdm said...

Wimps need not apply!!

This ad dates back to the days when `men were men and women were glad of it'.

Anonymous said...

yeah well I can sit 30 floors above the Sydney CBD and an airconditioned office sending emails for 4 times what they're paying for this job while others can be all hard and shit for $14 an hour.