Friday, September 7, 2012

The best decision for Canterbury.

Minister of Local Government has postponed any elective component for regional government in  Canterbury until 2016.

Judging by the chorus of troughers licking their chops at the prospect of regaining access to the slop trough with absolute zero content remotely resembling policy or plans in response to the clearly evident failings now exposed,  of the dumped bunch of incompetents, makes it the best way forward.
Kane, Burke,  Sage  and the rest of the total failures were all slavering this morning.

Burke even made the outrageous claim that the sacked Council were on the verge of completing a Water Policy. No mention of the wasted 19 years and never calculated costs expended with no result in sight.

I have said before having a bunch of dreamers who dont even water a vegetable garden making decisions on rural business people willing to invest millions in making a profitable future for all is nothing short of a nightmare.

Yes some people require a survielance and compliance regime but that is the function the previous idiots neglected as they pursued policies that fitted a political manifesto or just tall poppy chopping and power wielding to feed an ego.

Dame Margaret and the commissioners have brought an ethos of delivery and service that was never in evidence prior.
An appointed component along the lines of Health Boards with people of ability chosen reasonably separated from political ambition is desirable.


Gavin said...

Yeah, who cares about democracy and representation?

The people of Canterbury are paying to be governed undemocratically, sure, but cornerstone democratic principles such as no taxation without representation are for proper countries. Better to have Canterbury's shared resources divvied up by unelected Gauleiters, that way you can make sure the right people get them.

Ray said...

Have to agree GD I might have lost my right to vote but the present set up beats being run from Christchurch by a bunch who couldn't point to where we are on the map let alone allow our point of views have any effect on their decisions

Gavin said...

Bring on the dictatorship eh Ray? You, for one, welcome your new overlords. Go back to Russia, you'll fit in well.

gravedodger said...

@ Gavin when were the democratic elections for places on the Maori Council and the Waitangi Tribunal, oh thats right they are appointed often self appointed but that is all about socialism not democracy.
We couldnt possibly have experts and government appointed people bringing sense, fairness and certainty over water use, much better to have muppets basing their 'Democratic' decision making on ignorance, unjustified fear and false information.
That might explain the 19 lost years and often chaotic policy and eyewatering expense as the elected councillors spent time on their re-election strategy and to hell with the public good.

Remind me again how much Ecan spent on opposing "Pegasus Town" and how did it fare in the earthquakes.

Good points Ray muppets like Burke only knew where their electorate voters lived every three years.

Regional council Pfft, the city ward members didn't even understand that Sth Canterbury was included in the region.

Gavin said...

Pegasus Town just went under, Einstein. Also the Waitangi Tribunal is an advisory body and the Maori Council is non-governmental, so your comparisons are utterly erroneous. Fiji is, however, an accurate parallel. Still if you like being taxed by a dictatorship in which you have no say perhaps you should move to North Korea.

gravedodger said...

Christ lives, you are a total twat.
The company that owns Pegasus Town is in recievership the land is stable, selling and those I know who live there love it.

I wonder how much of the tall poppy chopping from the envious bastards at Ecan using My money to thwart progress contributed to the financial difficulties now manifesting for the principals of the Town.

Pricks like you empowering the politics of envy ended up with people building on land that is designated on old maps as not suitable, in Dallington, Bexley, and Aranui. Guess what happened when the EQ liquified their land while Pegasus just a few Kms from Brooklands, totally fucked, had no land damage.

Do a bit of research and then you might understand just how disfunctional Ecan had been for years.

Jesus wept, One former councillor drove from Sheffield to the Ecan offices as he did not wish to join the 21st century and become computor savvy, guess who paid the fucking mileage.

Gavin said...

Got nothing but abuse, I see. Pegasus Town's broke and not even the earthquakes could save it. It was never viable, and the wide boys who set it up are going to leave a lot of people out of pocket. However, what that has to do with the power and resource grab at ECAN is a wee bit unclear. Bottom line is you like being dictated to and paying taxes for the privilege.