Saturday, September 8, 2012

That Is A Clear Difference.

Anybody who doubts that the soscialist left is where nasty resides, should compare what the moles who inhabit The Standard think is an acceptable "Caption Contest" and another placed this morning by Cam Slater at Gotcha. The poster of the degenerative offering didn't even have the balls to put a name to it.

The lefty offering that only a couple of the first 50 commenters thought was appalling and bereft of even a skerrik of humour sets an even lower level of acceptability disregarding the fact it is poorly "Shopped" and totally devoid of any potential for funny.
Whale's offering, albeit with only a few comments is already good political humour.

Dont agree, take a gander then justify your view that I am wrong here.


mark said...

So Heine or that fat fuck Slater never published pornographic material with Clark's head attached?.

gravedodger said...

The difference being mark, they took ownership of whatever the hell you are referring to.

The cowardly fuck, fat or skinny, at the Substandard didn't have the balls to place even a nom de plume to that effort.
There must have been some shame ???

I guess you condone the fat brown fuck calling, first the Maori Party MPs then shifting his sorry arse to suggest it was the Nat Maori MPs, "HOUSE Niggers".

Keep up the work it tells a saga, ROTFLMTO.

Anonymous said...


WTF? You have tits? (answer, almost certainly).

mark said...

"HOUSE Niggers"

Nah, kūpapa.