Thursday, September 6, 2012


 New Zealanders of all shapes, colours and sizes owe a  debt of gratitude to Ngapuhi Leader, David Rankin, for claiming that Maori have a right to earn a dividend for the use of the wind for commercial power generation.   

He said the Waitangi Tribunal can't turn a blind eye to the claim ...."They set a precedent by the claim over water that they have to go for the wind.   They're all resources, the wind is a resource.   What turns those turbines on those wind farms?"

You can read the whole article (here).      

Thank you David Rankin for managing in a few 'simple' words to expose the whole charade that the claims process has become.    Thank you too for giving the Government the ammunition it needs to put to bed, once and for all, these vexatious claims.   Maori do not have a commercial right over the sun, air, water or wind.   Some Iwi may be able to argue they have a certain 'guardianship' right over water.   That can be negotiated on a claim by claim basis.

But commercial rights, no way ...  as a few money grabbing 'Niggers' (Hone's words, not mine) will find out to their to their 'cost'.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I'm reminded of a kerfuffle in Perth during the early seventies in which local Abos demanded the Swan Brewery pay them rent for the air space above their plant next to the Swan River as I recall. Funny thing is they made no such demands for the airspace above the hospitals. Tells you something of the the priorities.

Of course nothing came of it. I can't remember the final outcome but the brewery was relocated to a distant suburb where the air apparently was not so sweet.

Anonymous said...

There is an interesting shift in this in that the water claim was raised on a national Maori basis rather than an isolated hapu, iwi or tribe basis. I wonder if Maori can ever be a harmonious whole given their tribal bickering. I hope not.


The Veteran said...

Anon 6.33 ... yes, you're right, and that it why it will fail.

But the simple premise that Maori have proprietry rights over the sun, water, wind and air is both wrong and offensive to New Zealanders who live in the real world.

On a related subject the Maori Council (who 'manufactured' the Claim) is itself an anachronism. It should have been done away with the moment MMP became a reality. It cannot devolve to itself the powers reserved for Parliament.

All quite sad and another example of Maori leadership promoting a 'cargo cult' mentality among their more gullible.

Noel said...

Honi said
"Time John Key realised a few home truths like (1) he can tell his little house niggers what to do...."
I cannot find any quotes from him saying "money grabbing Niggers".
They are your words not his.

Anonymous said...

Just one question for the Maori Council.

Who the blazes do you think you are?

What you are is ridiculous i.e. open to ridicule.


Anonymous said...

Noel said "They are your words not his."
Not you usual Officer Class plagiarism then.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... it's the 'Nigger' bit that is Hone's and Hone's alone.

In case you hadn't figured it out the money grabbing bit refers to 'them' that think 'we' should have to pay 'them' for the wind ..
but I suspect you did know that.

Anon 9.36 ... smile.

Noel said...

Nigger is one word.
You did say
(Hone's words, not mine)

The Veteran said...

Noel ... on that point and that point alone you win.

Noel said...