Wednesday, September 19, 2012


A medical supplies sales rep programmed his next destination into his GPS at Hanmer Springs and set off for Richmond near Nelson City.

Apparently unconcerned when the route selected by technology had him ascending the Jacks Pass route that takes skiers to the Amuri Ski Area on Mt St Patrick. That road is hewn out of the Greywake with a dash of crushed metal (shingle for people of the Mainland) over the range behind Hanmer, down to the upper reaches of the Clarence River, on to Lake Tennyson and through the Rainbow to St Anaud, Top House and on to Sunny Nelson.
It is alpine country that can cause extreme difficulty in summer months but SPRINGTIME???

Poor stupid idiot didn't get that far, with family and friends alerting the Police when he didn't make Richmond, his Subaru off road for the first time,soon became stuck in snow and after a cold night with his engine running he abandoned the car and set out to walk back to the Alpine village.

I am unaware of any education achievement or life skills that are needed to carry out his chosen work but the common sense exhibited sure leaves me gasping.
Thats Incredible, did he notice no lessening of carriage-way quality between the road to Hanmer Springs and the road his gadget chose for him continuing on what is a 4/5 hour trip.

One very lucky young man.


Lofty said...

My wife & I have travelled This route a few times, once we saw a camper van absolutely knackered on the side of the road. Not so,sure that the hire company would be over the moon about them traveling that route.

It is a grand piece of NZ though.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

A mob of Koreans followed their GPS into the Australian desert a couple of years ago. After a lot of seoul searching they were found,just short of death.

Anonymous said...

Common sense is like deodorant, those that need it most don't use it.