Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Slow Joe

When Slow Joe Biden made his now infamous gaffe about 'y'all back in chains' he might have forgotten a little history.

I wonder how many black Americans with no jobs, no incomes, no homes, no food and no hope might reflect that their forbears were immensely better off.  They had jobs, for a start.  They had homes, they had food.  While they didn't have 'freedom' as we know it, it's fair to say most American slave owners treated their people reasonably.

Bein' back on de plantation in good old Virginny might be a damned sight better than some drug ridden hell hole in back street Chicago.


Anonymous said...

That's bollocks that is. That they have issues and black youth stats are appalling does not begin to make a return to slavery seem like a good idea. I'd hold up Christianity as a great life changer but that's so old fashioned and we do things so much better thinking no one is watching.


Mike Asplet said...

If I hadn't known better I would have thought this was a troll :p

This might be worth a read: Genovese, Eugene, The Political Economy of Slavery: Studies in the Economy and the Society of the Slave South (1965). It's a classic study of slavery in the US. Talks about the widespread whippings, rapes, summary executions, beatings, starvation, social exclusion and torture of blacks in the American South during the slave period.

Good point though, the book also talks about the fact they did have work. Can't argue with that. I bet they were delighted.

Tom Hunter said...

it's fair to say most American slave owners treated their people reasonably.

Adolf, there are times when I shake my head at the childish level of taunting and sniping that Judge and Ackers indulge in here - and then I read pig-ignorant, brain-dead shite like that.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Lost your objectivity, have you? I did not recommend a return to slavery. I merely remarked that the slaves of 150 or so years a go had a better quality of life than do many of America's modern day Blacks.

Barnsley Bill said...

Adolf, I sincerely hope you were pissed when you wrote this post.
Not your finest internet moment.

Tom Hunter said...

Lost your objectivity have you?


I never read your statement as recommending a return to slavery but as saying exactly as what you have now repeated - that American slaves had a better quality of life than many modern American Blacks.

And I will therefore simply repeat my statement that such a thought is pig-ignorant, brain-dead shite.

If Asplet's recommended book is too much I suggest the opening episode of Ken Burns The Civil War.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


No, not at all. Just a little hint that slavery under Obama for many of those poor black bastards is worse than slavery under the cotton growers was for many of the said black bastards' forebears.

Suggest you have a look at some figures for rape, murder, assault etc among blacks.

They've just swapped a white Massa for a black one.

Wes said...

This guy's lost it. He's trying to suggest that African-Americans should vote for Romney because he will return America to its pre-civil war golden era when freedom reigned. Just like it was under Bush before Obama ruined it. He needs an enema and a lie down.

dad4justice said...

Hey bb are you as dumb as kiwibogs big bruv? The facts are dick - African-American jobless rate surges in 2012.

Nobama is a fucking sick joke!

Anonymous said...
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Ackers said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon @ 9:10

Sorry but you need a nom de plume and you need to tone down your language.

Wes, if you must come here and comment kindly don't spout such rubbish.