Saturday, September 1, 2012

Republican Convention - Updated

I didn't watch any of the speeches - all too boring.  However, the commentary on those speeches from people other than Obama flaks and sycophants was interesting.  For the most part they were mildly to vigorously enthusiastic.  Until it came to Clint Eastward.  Then it was either wildly for or wildly against.

I read extracts from Mitt Romney's acceptance speech and the word which bounded into my mind was 'lame.'  Maybe the electorate has had enough of lofty rhetoric with no performance and would much prefer a less eloquent leader who can actually get the people back to work.  (Funny thing is, Obama no longer is touted as eloquent. Even by the Left.)

Back to Clint Eastwood.  After all the kerfuffle I went back and watched his speech.  It was nothng short of brilliant. The empty chair with a telprompter was the classic metaphor.

He nailed it for his selected audience.  Not the Tea Partiers, not the RINOs, not the convention delegates, not the GOP party activists at home, not the committed Republican voters.  His message was aimed squarely at those people who voted for Obama last time and regret it but are having trouble bringing themselves to vote for the other fella.

He said to them 'You don't need to feel guilty.  Just do as I'm doing.  It's OK.'

And the immortal line which will never be forgotten:-

'When someone isn't doing the job, we have to let him go.'

Update: 2.9.03

And a little something for the Trolls.

"A Survey USA poll shows 49% of respondents with a positive impression of Clint Eastwood's speech versus 24% with a negative impression. The figures for independents are 51% and 25%, respectively."


Gaius said...

What a surprise! Adolf gives full-throated agreement to the mad rantings of a silly old man shilling for the Republicans! His reason:

'You don't need to feel guilty. Just do as I'm doing. It's OK.'

Eastwood, of course, endorsed McCain last time around, so who cares?

What's laughable here are the shills trying to spin Eastwood's train wreck as a positive when even the Republicans wish it never happened.

Now where are Mitt's tax returns and did you know he dodged the draft by running away to France?

Snow Angel said...
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Tinman said...

I wasn't sure after watching recordings of the Eastwood speech but the reaction of the lefties has convinced me it was both brilliant and bloody effective.

Thanks fellas.

Gaius said...

Yep, it was effective in convincing people that the Republicans are the party of Akin and rich, 80 year old white guys who have lost a few of their marbles. A winning strategy! It's why Adolf likes them.

Adrianno said...

Ha, Clint debated with an empty chair and lost. Comprehensively. Take that commies!

Anonymous said...
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Tinman said...

Very effective indeed I see.


Ah yes, while Obama's fucks up a once successfull economy, the leftists want to hear about Romney's tax returns.
I take it they mean those that show this wicked evil capitalist that gave one-sith of his income to charity.

Perhaps Mitt Romney will release other tax returns when Obama releases his college records.

In the mean time, while the Dummicrats will scream over the stupid remarks of a politicians the Republicans disowned, caliming there's a 'war on women', they say little about the real ;war on children' as shown by the kids who cannot get jobs, and are living at home with their parents slooking at faded obama posters on their bedrooms walls, yet they will inherit massive debt, now totalling $16 trillion, and set to explode further unless Paul Ryan is able to reduce it.
But yes, give the kids free contraception, instead of a job!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon @ 10.11

Sorry, anonymous comments are not accepted. You need a nom de plume.

The Peanut Monster said...

The Eastwood saga leaves me wondering about the value of celebrity endorsement at all, and why, in NZ we seem to shy away from this kind of thing. We just don't use celebrities in politics at all, or at least not like the Americans. Why? Do we not connect to celebrities in the same way? (Forgive the link, but this is what I mean:

As for Clint, well, I didn't think it was that bad (even though I didn't agree with the substance). Apparently the GOP knew he would ad-lib - an interesting gamble on their part, especially when these things are so terribly scripted. I thought it was creative theatre... better than Heston and his "guns", and Ryan and his "lies"...

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Peanut Monster

We shy away because we are Kiwis, not Americans. If we want celebrities in politics we tend to ask them to stand for parliament.

However, I suggest that for the Republicans, Clint Eastwood was pure gold. Americans love the guy - he is a national hero and I think his address will prove to be devastating if the Republicans use it well.

Keep an eye out for movement in the support for Obama amongst independents - that's where the Eastwood story will unfold.

Early indications look positive.

Oh, and while I'm at it, would you care to specific which lies you think Ryan told?

Gaius said...

He told a lie when he blamed a factory closure which occurred under Bush for one. No doubt you have some spin for that though.

Gaius said...

"As expected, those who watched the speeches at the Republican National Convention were disproportionately Republican. This poll does not attempt to measure how all likely voters in the state of Florida would vote if filling out a ballot today. It attempts to measure early movement among speech-watchers only."

So much for your wee poll. You need to try harder.

Mike Asplet said...


Here's a link to fact-check on Paul Ryan's speech.

Ackers said...

Definitely deserves an Oscar for his sophistry on Afghanistan.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You know the trolls are well and truly fucked when they cant' tell the difference between a GM plant which is producing trucks long after president Bush departed and that empty chair arrived and a plant that is closed.

Why even Clinton said 'It's only a few years ago and he would have been carrying our bags."


Gaius said...

Poor Adolf, there's been no bounce from Eastwood's endorsement and Ryan's fibs. Perhaps Willard's magic underpants can save him.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Deluded trolls continue to delude themselves.

Why, even the New York Times pet stooge, Nate Silver, says there has been a bounce but not enough, But then he would say that.......

Romney was two points behind Obama before the convention and now he's a steady four points in front.

Eat that, you pricks.

Gaius said...

Gee, you're a wee bit touchy no?

There's been no bounce, sucker (see Gallup, not the biased Rasmussen). Better get on with those smears, or you're looking at four more years.

The sentiment in your last charming sentence is returned, with interest.

Ackers said...

At some point Romney will have to release his tax returns.

Election over for all intents and purposes.

McCain was no fool.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes Ackers, it is. A bloody landslide. And you won't like it.

Gaius said...

Poor Adolf is going to be so, so angry and disappointed. It's going to be very funny. He'll blame the media, black racism and voter fraud.

Romney's already decided the election is lost, which is why he won't release his tax records.