Monday, September 10, 2012

Quiz Results

Cripes Marc why dont I just get you to Mark it  lol

Clear winner and bragging rights.

I knew Eles eyes would light up with 5.

Bazza you keep up with the greens very good for you maybe not for the economy.

Cadwallader my sympathies, some massaging and spin of the results required as we are not allowed failing are we.

Yes Marc sometimes difficulty increases due to my diminishing access to material and to try and thwart one as formidable as yourself.
Would appreciate a contact off blog, email is in my profile, comfidentiality assured.

1 Sir william Hudson who was the "man" at the helm of the Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme in western NSW.
   Born in Nelson, attended Nelson College, as did many other outstanding leaders in their fields, made a formidable reputation as an engineer on major initiatives world wide and was put forward as the man for the iconic project in the headwaters of the Murrimbigee river. When the Members of the Labor Cabinet met to consider the 3 top candidates,  Minister Lemnon handed PM Chiffley a paper with his assessment reading, Hudson, Hudson,  Hudson. A remarkable choice who brought the scheme in under budget and before time. He was brought to my College to speak by Brown Trotter an innovative and before his time farmer from Fairley in 1956.
Now that was think big and if you google Bill, surprise surprise he is now a bloody Aussie.

2 Gore Bay of days gone by, I worked on Cheviot Hills just up the road in the late 1960s.

3 Tokaanu Thermal Baths, havn't been to visit for over 20 years but no where near the sulphur of Rotorua, quite handy to the Ruapehu skifields.

4 East Cape Lighthouse very obscure as few clues,  granted.

5 Oamaru Precinct, well worth a visit anytime but more particularly during the upcoming Festival week with Period costumes, Whitestone sculpture, concerts and a great week to enjoy.  Swmbo and I last visited when the Oamaru Trotting Club celebrated an anniversary, the turnout and enthusiasism made for a memorable event, recommended for a weks r&r.


Bazza said...

Did you grow up in the Fairlie region?

gravedodger said...

No Bazza Born Kaikoura Hosp and grew up in Waiau, Trotters sons John and Andrew were at school in CHCH around my secondary years, Memory a bit hazy but Hudson may have been a relly of Brown Trotter.

sabkon wells said...

hi. thanks for sharing the wonderful quiz with answers..

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