Monday, September 24, 2012

Quiz answers

Simon by a neck from Allan.
Chris B on track with  q 2 the owners graze parts of the old "Reserve".

Some entertaining logic, lightens the weekend somewhat.

1 Kate Edgar first female to graduate from a NZ University.
2 Muzzle Stn , in the middle Clarence River Valley, Colin and Tina Nimmo current occupiers, Colin is addressing the assembled on the two day safari of the SI High Country Committee for the day two briefing.
3 Maraetai  B power station.
4 "Olveston" in Dunedin,   An outstanding example of Edwardian architecture and  representative of how a wealthy family lived at the turn of the century. Open for viewing since it was donated  to the nation on the death of the last occupier, a descendant of the businessman who had it built, David Theomin. Well worth a visit.
5 Havelock Village nestled at the head of  Pelorous Sound.

Apologies for lateness.


Bazza said...

But weren't those "Stockies v. Cockies" cricket matches great?
Held first week in December after the dairy farmers had finished their silage harvesting.
Farmers provided the barbecue lunch and venue, Stock Agents provided the refreshments.
22 overs each, everyone must bowl twice.
Tip 'n' 'e runs.
Batsman can't go out before scoring.
Maximum score 25 before compulsory retirement.
Strategic advantage to win toss and field first, especially on a hot day.
Don't park vehicles too close.

pdm said...

I played a few games for de Pelichet McLeod throughout Hawkes Bay in the mid 60's as a ring in. The (first)keg was always opened before the game started.

Played at Dannevirke once HB v Manawatu/Wanganui think. A bit more serious than what Bazza said - I opened the batting was out in the third or 4th over, my mate was even quicker and we were well pissed by the time we got to field.

Buggered if I know who won.

Also played once on the concrete wicket at the top of the Devils Elbow - you can still see the wicket in the gully from SH2. An interesting day with batsmen trying to get the ball on to the road. The opposition were local cockies but had a few good cricketers as I recall.

Again - who cared about the result.