Monday, September 10, 2012

Perhaps There Was A Problem All Along!!

For as long as I have been blogging I have on many occasions made a case for the statistical 20% of students exiting the Primary education sector with inadequate literacy and numeracy skills to be addressed.

The Teacher unions claimed all was well and they were delivering one of the best outcomes in the world.

Many took my heresy to task and suggested I had no idea what the true picture was.

Now Saint David  has announced a program to put another 33% into REMEDIAL READING Support.

WHY what's the problem

Will the labour lackies among those paragons of virtue who have decried the chorus of thinking people that all is not well if you are deprived of books, parents who give a toss and a culture that does not value literacy even in the face of the digital age, now heap approbrium on the temporary leader of the socialists.

For the sheepish one to suggest there may be a need is just benny bashing surely, particularly, as he is going to target those schools in the lower decile ranking.

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Noel said...

It is clear from studies that most low decile schools dont adopt Reading Recovery because the Ministry only pays half the cost.
But the problem with targeting only those schools means that deserving students in higher decile schools could miss out if the BOT and teachers do not see it as a priority for non Minstry funding.