Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Not Bob nor James the pedo but the Shadow finance spokesman for the government in waiting, one of the many Davids who see themselves as the answer. Sadly it must have been a bloody stupid question.
Idjit Parker has joined the economically deficient chorus seeking a return to the past with a call for "the government to lower the value of the $NZ".

There are only three basic choices:
Indulge in a managed economy ala North Korea, sort of advanced  Muldoonism.
Print money and destroy the savings of everyone with inflation.
Accept the challenges that a stronger dollar delivers and adapt.

Redundancy, retrenchment, refocussing yes, have halfwits looking for an answer that has appeal to the ignorant NOOO.

Dairy prices are making a small recovery and there are very apparent advantages in the current situation, petrol down 2 c today.

Oh and a word of explanation to the media jerks who expect us to be in thrall of their every word, the $NZ is really fairly stable, the fact is with the US Political leadership playing for another  4 years and printing money quaintly called Quantative Easing mark 4 it is the greenback tanking that is  the major factor influencing the value of our dollar.

The dwindling intellect that is Peters can indulge his fantasies but for one who would be the man in charge it is just plain scary.


Lofty said...

Option C for me.

Oh and GD common sense has no place in the beltway and you know it.

Paulus said...

Muldoon is still croaking with laughter -
I don't think that anybody would actually agree with his financial policy, let alone Labour, Greens and Winston parties.
Go for it - take over the Reserve Bank regulations and manipulate them to control the exchange rate.
Quiet Rob...............

Baxter said...

PARKER & CUNLIFFE should take their expertise on this matter across the ditch and advise GILLARD as Aussie has had the problem longer and more severe than NZ. Winston could go too, but he has become so garrulous and mixed up nobody can really comprehend what he is getting at.