Monday, September 3, 2012

Our Upper House is Full of Shit

It is also brown and it stinks.

In 1950 the Holland government finally closed the old folks home for reached used by date M P s.

It included a bribe in the form of placing the saved costs into a welfare fund and required the appointment of 20 new members dubbed the suicide squad.

The Legislative Council as it was called, was created as a check and delay second consideration of bills passed by the lower house but could not proscribe any finance bills,
Originally to consist of 10 min to 15 max appointed troughers, it grew as any beneficial government structure does, to around 35 drones.

Finally in 1951 the government of the day managed to consign it to the rubbish tip of history.

Now 60 years on we find we have another equally useless but very expensive replacement.

A totally undemocratic 'Maori Council', in tandem with the amazing trough that is the quasi judicial Waitangi Tribunal are, by acting in concert, able to prevent a legitimate democratically elected government from carrying out a clearly signaled program of reorganisation of some of the commercial entities that the government owns.

Sadly too many who should care are ignoring this re-creation of a second chamber and the costs are mounting with each day that passes.

It is race based, undemocratic, undesirable , unwanted by a majority but appears to be enabled by lawyers inside the house of representatives, the judiciary and a bunch of beneficiaries of the rort.

It is brown, it is steaming and it stinks.


Anonymous said...

What about adding the auckland Maori Advisory board to the list?

Psycho Milt said...

The fact that you find it really annoying the NZ govt has treaty obligations doesn't alter the reality of those treaty obligations one way or the other.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt I think you will find this latest nonsense from the Tribunal and the Harawira family dominated so-called 'Maori Council' will hasten the demise of the whole turgid gravy train.

It might have been better had the treaty never been signed. Then the warring tribes could have been left to properly wipe out each other, having been properly equipped by the Brits.

The land would have been there for the taking.

gravedodger said...

Milt if any Maori considers the development over half a century of what is now Mighty River Power has impinged on te rights set out in the TOW, then he/she/they have been a bit slow to seek recompense.

For an amorphous bunch of political activists to assume an umbrella of "Maori" to indulge in political opposition because they can, using the idiocy of the TOW is a complete crock of steaming brown excrement.

I know it suits the aspirations of those who oppose anything the Nats do to try and bring some sort of stability to the precarious economic position we are in but these current moves by the towrags using a document that in any other jurisdiction would have been abandoned years ago is an a abuse of process.

Anonymous said...

Milt, if it was just a matter of confirming treaty obligations for pre-existing property rights, then the majority of New Zealanders would have no problem with it.

OTOH what we see here is a blatant money grab by an already wealthy elite.

If only Clarkula had not pulled the Seabed and Foreshore rort, we would have some decent case law from the Privy Council on which to base this sort of claim.


Paulus said...

Possibly the worse part is GE.
There are no real Maori only genetically engineered mutations of different human species and races defining themselves to what they are not.
The sooner New Zealand realises this the sooner the troughers trying to define themselves as not GE people, can go and do something useful ansd stop ruining this country.

Anonymous said...

The meaning of "Treaty obligations" is a bit nebulous and I would prefer that they were not still being argued about and reinterpreted so long after the Treaty was signed. The statement "we are one people" is laughable.


Anonymous said...

The Tweety is supposed to entrench Equality between two races.

Unfortunately one party believes it is more equal than Iwi Pakeha and uses The Tweety as its justification.

Hence The Tweety is an obnoxious instrument of NZ Apartheid.

Gaius said...

Ha ha ha ha! "Tweety"!! We have a comic genius on our hands! See what he did there? The wit of conservative wankers knows no boundaries!