Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Odd shoe day Sept 14th

On Friday wear an odd pair of shoes, oh and send a bit of dosh, to Camp Quality.

Since becoming a Lion, one of the most rewarding and humbling things it has involved me in, is Camp Quality.

In January each year, 5 regions, Auckland, Waikato, Wellington , Canterbury and Otago run camps for a week where kids battling serious illness are taken in to give the kids and their Parents a bit of a change, respite if you like.

Each young person is assigned a carer and through the generosity of many people they enjoy some amazing experiences.

Lions clubs as well as financial support volunteer to assist with the serving of a meal and cleaning up after.

The Canterbury camp is held at "Living Springs" near Govenors Bay at the head of Lyttleton Harbour, a beautiful place and with input from classic cars clubs, Big rigs, motorcycle clubs and many others of similar good people give these kids a memorable week.
They are seriously sick and sadly some succumb but working around them it is hard to see it, their spirit literally shines through their afflictions.

It comes at a cost so please if you can make the effort and give a little or a lot, it will make a difference, oh and the odd shoe thing can be a bit of fun also.

Reminds me of a day c 1965 when I spent a day in the city wearing a light tan brogue on one foot and a dark tan on the other and it wasn't until late in the day while waiting for swmbo and the ankle biters, there I was, outside PGG in Cashel St and on looking down noticed what some must have thought a bit odd during the round of meetings during the day. I however, had been blissfully unaware.

Now anyone can do it and help those remarkable young people have a week of serious fun and quality care at a camp near you.


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