Friday, September 21, 2012


This one* is for the conspiracy theorists amongst us......and on this topic, there are many.

*Stolen from Facebook.


Anonymous said...

new low

Judge Holden said...

It's because it has members like you, Nick, that Act is so respected and popular. Congratulations on your sterling work.

Nick K said...

Who said I am a member of Act?

I don't believe in the "born in Kenya" and "he's a Muslim" crap. But I thought this was lighthearted. Get your hand off it Judge.

Judge Holden said...

Are you saying you're no longer an Act Party member, Nick? If not I agree with your decision to get out. I wouldn't want to be associated with a bunch of crooks, liars, criminals and thieves either. And that's just the past and present caucus.

dad4justice said...

Hey judge foldem, who is the biggest liar,the NZ ACT party, Peter Davis LAX star or a jihad loving yankee puppet president?