Thursday, September 6, 2012

Muppet of the Week.

Hosking interviewed a Bill Newson on his Breakfast show in relation to the job losses at Tiwai Pt, Spring Creek Mine, Huntly Mine and the BOP Mussel factory.

Apparently this Numpty is the National Secretary of the EPMU.

Clearly there is no understanding of basic economics in the job description for his job.

The international collapse of Coal prices, Aluminium prices and some conniptions among the corporate controllers of the Mussel processor have nothing to do with the current round of reality checks as the GFC continues to bite.

His solution, these current redundancies and stand downs could all be "Fixed" if the "gummint" reduced the value of the NZ$.

What a populist inane crock of excrement we've got 'ere.

Just think for a moment if the government did use some stupid interventionist mechanism to lower the NZ$, what will that do to inflation, imported goods prices and prices set by the internal values of exported goods.

To save the Ti Wai Smelter I would think at present international prices  require a NZ$ at about $2 00 the green back.
Petrol over $3 00 Lt,
Milk @ around $3.50 Lt,
Air Fares around double,
Costs to keep the socialists wet dream railway running - eye watering.
Toss in rates, trucking, appliances and all the other cost increases!!!

Just think about it for a moment "no brain Newson" what it will do to the costs for your members and then move on to all those ex-members who are already grappling with a fixed income and barely surviving.

Jesus wept, you have no recollection of what Muldoon did have you, You believe your illustrious employer could just go for a wage rise and threaten strike action, that'l do it, not.

Rio Tinto, Solid Energy and others are trying to survive the GFC and the fallout including threatened Hyperinflation from the socialist solutions being adopted as first aid and are just trying to stay in business until the cycle returns them to profit.

Try pushing water uphill on asphelt with a rake its easier.
Go and read a book and don't bother with Das Kapital that didn't work either.


Paulus said...

Whaddaya mean - he is a good socialist pillock who only understands what he holds in his hand standing in a toilet.

Anonymous said...

Cycle returns them to profit? I suspect some time will have to pass. A lot of time.