Monday, September 10, 2012


I see another two Northland Iwi 'leaders' have joined David Rankin in claiming that Maori have a commercial right to the wind.   You can read it here.

So, with the debate hotting up it may be useful to establish where the various political parties stand on the twin issues of  who owns the 'water' and 'wind'.

Please feel free in fill in the gaps .....


National - No-one (although it is accepted some Iwi may have 'guardianship'  be negotiated on a case by case basis).

Labour - No-one (unclear re guardianship).

Greeens - Support for Waitangi Tribunal position.

NZF - No-one (unclear re guardianship).

Maori Party - Support for Waitangi Tribunal position.

ACT - No-one (unclear re guardianship).

UF - Unclear.

Mana - Maori owns.


National - No-one.

Labour - Unclear, suspect as for National.

Greens - Unclear.

NZF - Unclear, suspect as for National.

Maori Party - Unclear.

ACT - Unclear, suspect as for National.

UF - Unclear, suspect as for National.

Mana - Maori owns.

It would help if political parties came off the fence and stated their public position.   Hope they do.


Viking said...

Maori wind claim not impressing politicians

Monday, 10, Sep, 2012 1:39PM

A Maori claim on commercial wind use isn't sitting well with the Greens.

Ngapuhi member David Rankin, along with two colleagues, has lodged an application with the Waitangi Tribunal for the commercial use of wind and has lodged a pre-emptive claim for any commercial wind farms in Northland.

Green Party Co-Leader Metiria Turei doesn't think the claim has merit.

"It undermines the very serious claims that are going on at the moment around water. I don't think it's a wise claim to make, and I don't think it's justifiable."

Labour leader David Shearer says at first glance it looks peculiar to him as he's never thought of wind being anything other than the wind.

"I'd have to have a look at what they're trying to do but at the moment, I guess I'd be sceptical about it."

And please get rid of that fucking awful capture.Can't even read the crap.3 no 4 no 5 =1=6 bloody tries.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that Rankin has an affinity to wind as he seems full of it.


dad4justice said...

Does the foul wind that powers that blackmotherf##ker Hone Pani Tamati Waka Nene Harawira come from the spineless creeps that sit on the pollie fence, while sucking on the socialist tit?

Shane Ponting said...

So Mana's position is simply, we own you ALL.

The Veteran said...

Shane P ... in spades.

Marc said...

To be honest, IF there is a legitimate claim for water, then what is the difference between that and wind? They are both naturally occurring phases of nature, and both can be adapted to provide good benefits for humankind.

If you think the claim for wind is a silly commercial opportunity, then the same should apply for water, seabed and foreshore etc.

dad4justice said...

Maori would be better claiming ownership of appalling child abuse stats. Fuck the air and H2O Hone,Tele Puppy, Rick Tau, etc..magpie etc.. and start stopping the bro's slaughtering kids like savages you deadbeat-greedy callous nitwits.

Noel said...

Isn't it ironic. The majority of New Zealander don't want electricty assets sold. Probably a legacy of passed intrustions into State owned generation when they were told it wouldn't affect domestic electricty prices.
A majority referendum wont have any impact because it is not binding yet a lesser number using the Waitangi Tribunal has delayed the proess.

Paulus said...

Is there less water coming out of the energy turbines that went in.
Has a pakeha taniwha been stealing it from the maori taniwha ?