Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Leadership MIA

The late Haki Apiata of Oromahoe once said to young Adolf nearly fifty years ago:-

"The is nobody smarter than the Maori at getting hold of money.  And once he's got it there is nobody more stupid."

He was right.

Events of the last month will be regarded as important when the history of race relations in New Zealand is written - if ever it is..

The events to which I refer are first, the claim by various fools within Maoridom that somehow Maori 'own the water' and second, the revelations of massive commercial extortion engaged in by a couple of Maoridom's so-called 'royals' - one of them ably trained by the Bilious Bitch herself.  People will know these revelation are but one example of a widespread network of cultural extortion.

When Adolf left new Zealand for Australia in early 1970 his impression was that Maori people were looked upon by most whites as second class citizens.  Lazy, ignorant, indolent scum who should be avoided if at all possible.   Suited mainly to fixing potholes and railway lines but little use elsewhere.

That has all changed over the last forty years and for the better, culminating in the formation of the Maori Party which in most cases has acquitted itself well in parliament.   Significantly, with a few exceptions (Harawira,) there had grown a widespread respect and tolerance amongst white New Zealanders for all things Maori..  

That all changed in August/September 2012.  The Maoris just shot off both their feet with muskets.

Maoridom has been revealed for all to see to be primarily engaged in wholesale extortion and 'selling of indulgences'  - atheists won't know what that means. I think these events will have profound effects, none of which these smart arse short term rip off merchants will have anticipated. ( Included in this description are the hordes of Maori and Pakeha lawyers, so-called anthropologists and historians who rely for their daily bread on the extended, lifelong deliberations of the Waitangi Tribunal)

I suspect there will be an upsurge of support for the abolition of the much prized Maori seats in Parliament and the winding up of the Waitangi Tribunal gravy train - a direct result of public anger at the brazenness of these people.  Did the gentlemen at the Tribunal and the dopey Maori king's hooey on water forget that MMP is up for grabs?  Do they realise how easy it would be to deliver those seats to oblivion with a single vote in parliament?  All it takes is the perception by politicians that such a move will be supported by the public.  Whatever the support level was three months ago, it is far greater now - thanks to these events.

There will be many who have changed their minds on this issue. I certainly have. This has been the tipping point..  And take out the non elected council seats as well.

In all of this, one has to wonder where is the real leadership within Maoridom?  Where are the people like Ngata, Pomare, Henare, Tapsell?  These people would have seen the looming distaster fueled by greed and avarice.  They would have brought to bear respected influence to ameliorate the excesses.

One thing is for sure.  New Zealand can kiss goodbye to any real prosperity until this cancer is excocised.

As for closing the income gap with Australia?

Forget about it.


Anonymous said...

They may have shot their feet off but I think the political and judicial system has them still holding your nuts so its hardly a good position. Good luck bitching about it.


Anonymous said...

The income gap between NZ and Australia only applies to those on wages. Being self-employed in NZ is the best form of prosperity in Australasia. I have interests in businesses on both sides of the Tasman and have found that NZ's tax and regulatory regimes are nothing like as hostile as those in Oz.

PS You thoughts on maori behaviour are appreciated.

griff said...
We, New Zealanders, having founded our society in the equality of comradeship, and living here at home in the land we have made, utterly oppose any laws which establish or promote racial distinction or division.

There shall be one law for all:

We refuse to accept any reference to the Treaty of Waitangi or its principles in any constitutional document.
We require that such references be removed from all existing legislation.
We require that race-based Parliamentary seats be abolished.
We require that race-based representation on local bodies be abolished.
We require that the Waitangi Tribunal, which has outlived any usefulness it may have had, be abolished.

And we pledge ourselves to oppose and resist all those of whatever rank or degree who, whether by force or the devious processes of the law, attempt to impose the fetters of racial inequality on the free citizens of New Zealand.