Sunday, September 9, 2012

Know your Country,Sunday Sept 9th


Marc said...

1. ? (cheating did reveal the answer - a clue is in the wall hangings).
2. Gore Bay, east of Cheviot. Old photo, the settlement is much more densely housed now.
3. Tokaanu Thermal Springs hot pools
4. East Cape Lighthouse (most easterly in NZ)
5. Victorian historical area in Oamaru.

Bazza said...

No idea, so guessing.

1.Author of current Green Party Research & Development Policy.

2. Green Party newly announced "Vision for Auckland".

3. Public (WMF) Personal Hygene Facility under Mana Party-led Coalition

4. Newly acquired Wind Spotting Station for the Ministry of Tangata Whenua Revenue Department

5. Green Party Fracking Testing Plant.

Anonymous said...

1 Not a clue.
2 not a clue.
3 Waingaro Thermal pools.
4 Lighthouse...Palliser?
5 Oamaru.


homepaddock said...

1. Telephone circa 1950s.

2. East Coast if taken from the north, West Coast if taken from the south.

3. It's not Hamner.

4. It's not Moeraki.

5. Thank you GD - this one I know: Looking from Itchen Street towards the Criterion Hotel on the corner of Tyne and Harbour Streets in Oamaru's historic precinct. Had you moved your camera to the left you'd have caught the steam train outside Steampunk HQ.

Marc said...

Good one's Bazza - a good laugh on Sunday night and kept in current context.
These quizzes seem to get harder each week, thanks GD, great effort.