Sunday, September 23, 2012

Know Your Country Sun 23rd Sept


Bazza said...

Don't know so guessing (again).

1. Kate Sheppard (or Homepaddock)
2. Annual "Stockies v. Cockies" cricket match held on Gravedodger's lawn
3. Maraetai Dam
4. Rest home for the bewildered (I'm on the waiting list) in Oamaru.
5. Akaroa

Chris Bird said...

1 a young obviously well known NZer around 1900ish
2 An isolated farm homestead, perhaps in Clarance reserve area
3 power station and dam somewhere
4 I could go with Bazza but I am not on the list yet!!
5 Havelock, Marlborough sounds taken from Cullens Point.

Simon Arnold said...

Kate Edgar 1st women grad from univ of NZ - for some reason my mother thought it was important I knew this when I was a boy; Only hope Bazza knows best; Maraetai-B power station; Olveston; Havelock

Anonymous said...

1 Don't know
2 Central Otago somewhere
3 Dam on the Waikato River
4 Olveston in Dunedin
5 Bluff.


homepaddock said...

1neiether Kate nor me though if Simon's right we graduated from the same university.

2. Blue building on right either a long drop or hq of very small branch of Conservative Party.

3. Looks a wee bit like Roxborough dam but isn't.

4 looks a bit like St Kevin's College in Oamaru but think Cadwallader might be right.

5. Maritime retreat for the rational.

Allan said...

Kate Edgar; not only the first NZ Grad but the first woman in the British Empire to graduate with a BA in mathematics. Also the second woman in the world to graduate from university.

Not sure who's place but I am betting they are watching the V8 Supercars. Location looks Central Otago.

Maraetai Dam on the Waikato.

Olveston House in Dunedin.

Havelock in the Sounds.