Wednesday, September 12, 2012


You can read about it here.    Wonder if it will catch on in New Zealand   ... Rainton J Hastie would have been impressed.


Noel said...

You would need an Operating Certicate in accordance with section 5 of the Act.

The Veteran said...

If my wife caught me I can guarantee she wouldn't need an 'Operating' Certificate'.

Anonymous said...

At that price I'll keep washing mine at home. I only wash the cars a few times a year so my loyalty bonus is way ahead of these blokes.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Interesting to note prostitution is illegal in Malaysia. Can one assume such an arrangement would be permitted in NZ?

The Veteran said...

Adolf ... and is the Pope a Catholic.

Anonymous said...

"Interesting to note prostitution is illegal in Malaysia"

Did you expect a Muslim country would be otherwsie?


Noel said...

Vet said
"If my wife caught me I can guarantee she wouldn't need an 'Operating' Certificate'."

No No the "client" doesn't need the Operating Certificate.

Here's a thought though. It could be possible loyalty system for "Z" petrol stations.

Perhaps it would bring in enough to make up contribution the to the Fund that the current crop of trough feeders refuse to put in for our childrens future.

Whilst 20percent of theirs continues from the public purse.

Oh gee have I threadjacked?
Nah cant have..loyalty bonus..petrol station car wash..increased patronage.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... you may be pushing it just a tad but I can't let your comment re our kids future go unchallenged.

Clealy you are unaware of the OECD's annual report on education released earlier this week.

Their latest survey records that the NZL Government spends more of its budget on education than any of the other 33 countries in the organisation.

They report our Government directed 21.2% of its public spending to education which was enough to push it past the previous biggest spender, Mexico, by nearly one percentage point.

The OECD average is 13%.

Just trying to be helpful.

Noel said...

Ahh no it's not really.
I was talking to the failure to top up and impending changes to the superannuation fund versus the unchanged parlimentary super fund.
Is the taxapayer contribution to their fund going to be halved in 2013? Yeah Right!

Anonymous said...

Some are more equal than others.