Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Film protests?" Pull the other one...

Stuff reports:

Fury about a film that insults the Prophet Mohammad tore across the Middle East after weekly prayers on Friday with protesters attacking US embassies and burning American flags...

Spare us, please.  This has as much to do with movies as pogroms in old eastern Europe had to do with Jews poisoning wells, or eating babies, or whatever the current bullshit story of the time was.  Fortunately, unlike the Jews of eastern Europe, Americans aren't living unprotected among the people who hate them.

This basically is a pogrom: ignorant, oppressed people with too much time on their hands, too oppressed or too ignorant to overthrow their corrupt, repressive political and religious leaders, are taking out their frustrations on an identifiable and hated "other."  And given the action is all on after "Friday prayers," ie after the locals have spent an hour being harangued and revved up by their corrupt, repressive religious leaders, look no further for the trigger.  There really is nothing more to it than that, and we should have the contempt for these people that we'd have for Russians or Ukrainians if they were to rush into the streets to burn down the Jews' buildings and kill them.  Stop with the "trying to see both sides" news reports, already.


Anonymous said...

Right on Milt. We are supposed to tolerate the babaric savagery of the intolerant!? Never.

Mrs Danvers

The Veteran said...

Milt ... good post. Now, if we can somehow get Judge H to your level of rationality .....

Hope springs eternal.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Chickens coming home to roost?

Did not the 'smartest man in the room' take American military forces right into the middle of the Libyan civil war without the authority of Congress?

To cap it off, he was too busy playing golkf to see to it that his diplomats had any security at all, let alone some US MArines to protect them.

Events, dear boy. Events.

Psycho Milt said...

This new-found Republican interest in respecting the requirement for congressional approval for military action, several decades too late, really is cute.

Anonymous said...

+1 for this post Milt.

No offence but the Arabic people don't eactly have a history of dealing with disputes in a rational non violent manner.

This is why western hopes that the Arab 'Spring' is going to result in flourishing moderate democracies is laughable.

Partly also why Iraq & Afghanistan aren't exactly wonderful examples of imposed democracy either.

I did support the US invading Iraq but honestly they would have been better to pull straight out and leave the nutters to fight themselves.

Wouldn't surprise me if within 2 years Egypt, Syria, Libya & Iraq all end up as little Iran's.

All fundie Islamist states who froth at the mouth at the mention of the US & Israel.


Paulus said...

Suggested reading

"After the Arab Spring"
John R Bradley

written in 2011 but he is right in everything he says.

In Libraries - not a long book

Anonymous said...

Why people insist on shaking the wasp nest is lost on me. Just stick to the Christians - they leave pay back in the hands of a deity idiots think is a fabrication..


Blair said...

Careful Milt, you almost sound like Mitt Romney ;-)

Lofty said...

Crikey PM, thats twice in a week I have agreed with you.