Wednesday, September 12, 2012


It does not seem it was 11 years ago the free world was reeling as the destructive atrocity by adherents of the religion of peace shattered the heart of Manhatten with a bloody, calculated destruction of the symbols of commercial success and in so doing ended the lives of around 3000 innocent victims.
They also Crashed a third Hijacked plane into the Pentagon and a forth into a field in Pensylvania after the passengers in an act of selfless courage prevented an attack on another target.

This is a picture of the sculpture created as a tribute to Fire-fighters from steel recovered from the wreckage of the twin towers , and now placed beside the Avon River adjacent to the now condemmed Christchurch Central Fire station in Kilmore St.

To those emergency response  souls who died after entering the Twin Towers to do what your training and service asked of  you I pause and mark that terrible day and honour you.
Many more are suffering and dieing from problems associated with the heroic rescue effort, you also are remembered and your service honoured.

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Anonymous said...

'The world is now a safer place', so says our latter day Neville Chamberlain, the Appeaser-in-Chief Obama.

Yeah right!

Mrs Danvers