Sunday, September 2, 2012

Colin the Con - CONfusing ability with ambition

It seems CONservative leader, Colin Craig, is at it again:
Conservative Party leader Colin Craig thinks John Key is "too gay" for his Helensville seat and has said so in 20,000 letters to residents.

Pamphlets arrived in locals' mailboxes this week, urging them not to back Labour MP Louisa Wall's same-sex marriage bill. They were accompanied by a signed letter from Craig. It gave prominence to a comment from a disgruntled local: "Colin, you should stand here because John Key is too gay for Helensville.
There is a saying my (some time) triathlon coach says to his proteges in the pool sessions when we are doing time trials over 100, 200 or 400 metres and are supposed to be in the correct lane so as not to get in the way of others.  He says "don't confuse ability with ambition".

It's easy to understand.  You need to get through your 100s in 1:30 or so; but your ability (and fitness) allows you to only get them done in 1:40 or so.  You want to go 1:30 (the ambition), but your ability says otherwise.  You are confusing ability with ambition.  Get out of the lane!

There was a time a couple of years ago - during ACT's meltdown - when Colin Craig was madly polling Epsom via his dodgy polling mate who was an officeholder in the CONservative Party.  They then went and whored themselves around the media saying they would win Epsom.  Never mind that most of Epsom had never heard of Colin Craig.

When that failed miserably, as it inevitably was going to, he turned his mind to Rodney (not Hide, the seat).  More dodgy polls ensued.  If you listened to Colin the Con, he would win Rodney in a landslide.  Rather than taking a leaf out of Hide and Act's book, and actually campaign in the seat for years and build up a reputation and a following, Craig just assumed his ambition would win through. He overlooked the ability part of the equation.

But that wasn't the beginning for Colin the Con.  He spent millions on himself during the 2010 Auckland mayoral race claiming he had the ambition to be the Mayor.  Yes.  Not the ability to be Mayor, but the ambition.  His problem then was the same as it is now.  He confused ability with ambition.

And now Colin the Con turns up in Helensville distributing 20,000 letters claiming to have a moral mandate to defeat John Key, who holds the largest majority of any electorate seat in the country.  To say Colin the Con is dreaming is doing a disservice to dreamers.  He is stark raving nuts if he think he can beat John Key in Helensville.  Well, actually we know he is pretty much stark raving nuts, and politically stupid.  But nothing says it more than this.  And attacking John Key is nothing new for (now) CONservative Party officeholders and candidates.

To put this into perspective, Rodney Hide had a 13,300 majority in Epsom in 2008.  Between 2008 and 2011 he and Act went through......well there is no need to re-live that. The problems were evident.  But 13,300 votes is a lot to lose.  John Banks then had to endure "Don's musings" and other campaign isses and still won the seat with about a 1,500 2,260 majority.

I cannot see Colin the Con, or anyone in his party, being in parliament in 2014.  He just isn't going to win a seat, and even if he does, the piggybacking scenario is likely to be removed from MMP in 2017 so one seat will mean one MP.

Here is some advice for Colin the Con if he wants to listen: campaign on the MMP threshold being reduced to 4% and go all out for the party vote in 2017.

Because confusing ability with ambition in Helensville will result in exactly the same scenario as we saw in Auckland 2010 and Rodney 2011 - you'll get on TV a bit, but if you're not producing the 1:30 100s, you're gonna get left behind and yelled at by the coach for being in the wrong lane.   


Anonymous said...

Banks' majority is 2261, not 1500.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

'Fraid you're right. Fundamentalist religious nutters, good politicians do not make.

Is he one of those Leviticans?

What a pity. If he's toned it down, he might have done alright.

dad4justice said...

I wish the last two kiwi Prime Ministers would not talk with a homosexual lisp! What a pathetic bunch of wimps!!

Anonymous said...

Well I don't have an issue with what CC said.

In fact for him to stand up and say what he thinks when he knows every liberal and his dog is going to hurl abuse at him takes guts.

I am tempted to throw him a party vote in 2014 even though it may be wasted as too many kiwis act like sheep and do what they're told by their political masters.

I have voted the Nats the last three elections and might just throw him my party vote just to spite the commentator nazis who howl down everything he says.


Anonymous said...

The trouble is that the choices for the conservative leaning are getting a bit thin and CC may get a look out of frustration with the Labnat party.


Tinman said...

Jimmie, you voted National the last three elections and you criticise others for acting like sheep?

Well, there goes the right wing is more intelligent theory!

Anonymous said...

ACT have only survived since 2005 because Epsom voters understand the clusterfuck of a system called MMP.

ACT were stuffed after Judd's "ACT - The Liberal Party" experiment in the early noughties, when all of the fiscal conservatives started abandoning it. I know, I was one of them.

Anonymous said...

At 3:16 what option were there?

2005 & 2008 getting rid of Dear Leader was what mattered for NZ.

2011- well to be honest did anyone want Phil Goff & the crazy greens to be in charge?

However in 2014 John Key would have been PM for 6 years & though I'm partially happy about his economic management (a bit wishy washy to be honest) his social/moral leadership leaves a lot to be desired.

The signs were there when he ignored the smacking referendum and it has continued. I think having the conservatives win 5% and be in C&S with National will help slow the destructive progressive experiment NZ has been going through over the last 10 years.


Redbaiter said...

The wet liberal who through his own political confusion helped to completely fuck the ACT party, gives advice to Colin Craig on how to grow the Conservative Party..

What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Key and the National Party are treading all over our traditional values - homosexual marriage and the soon to be imposed Gay Adoption. Add these to his/their not listening to the electorate over Bradfords Anti-smacking bill, their ETS, the Foreshore and Seabed giveaway, sneaking Sharples off to sign a UN treaty (Indigenous Peoples treaty) even Clark balked at signing, the spineless retreat on the assest sales, etc, etc and you have lots of pissed off voters.

Banks has shown that his 'values' can be perverted by the libertaians in ACT in what is labelled a 'conscience' vote, and the Greens and Labour offer no alternative to anyone who despises the socialist left. I guess all Craig needs to offer is some half-baked conservatism and he'll get plenty votes.

Anonymous said...

the kerney fool has a go at colin the con but some of us know your past is not too flash is it nicko

Nick K said...


Anonymous said...

are you still handling defense documents or is that over now you were thrown out of act.