Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wanganui, your leaders have failed you.

The decision of the officials to comply with the law as convicted subhuman Wilson became inexorably a candidate  for release and the choosing of your district to comply with the law, left the citizens understandably upset.

The reality is you drew the short straw.

On the facts as can be gleaned from the media, the selection of your place seems about as practical as  a practical consideration might deliver.

A few years ago another of these subhumans arrived at a similar time and place within the constraints of the Law.
Lloyd McIntosh was released to an isolated house at Halket, a very sparsely populated area to the west of Christchurch. That decision had many more holes in it than the proposal to comply with the law that has resulted in Wilson's required release circumstances.

Laws, the current Mayor and assorted elected representatives could have acted in a more measured way had they accepted the reality of due process and worked with those charged with administration of our too often chaotic outcomes that are delivered, to inform, negotiate and finally accept the result as citizens and avoided the attempts to form the lynch mob.

A gaping hole has been exposed in the systems that are available to control an animal such as Wilson and hopefully the trauma real and perceived you have had to confront will not be delivered to a community again.

The pervert had to be released, as the rest of us pretend to be more advanced in the treatment of such  an intractable  POS. It is very appealing to see the treatment that dogs suffer when they go bad, as acceptable but our humanity brings a different perspective to such decisions being made when  such a POS as Wilson is the focus.

Sadly for Wanganui you were selected, your leaders could have shown a more rational leadership role.


Anonymous said...

If Wilson does wander about with GPS and minders and flouts his past in the faces of the community it will prove he is a nutter as well as a rutter.

If he is legally required to be released I think the rules around him are sensible. The alternative is for the law makers to ignore the law when it suits and that's worse.


JC said...

Judith Collins has proposed a (retrospective) law that would put such as Wilson away for good.

From the reaction of some lawyers and civil rights types its a splendid idea.


gravedodger said...

I don't consider myself a pantywaist JC but that is just rubbish, retrospective legislation!!!, it was rubbish when the Clark gang and her softcock supporters used it to avoid the repercussions from grand theft politico, and it would be rubbish to deal with Wilson

By all means change the law to sort out the mess in the future but don't go there to sort out this mess. Preventative Detention was not an option when Wison was sentenced all those years ago.

Justice are doing their best with the crap cards they are holding.