Monday, August 27, 2012

The demise of the UK

For weeks now, the Guardian's been publishing stories about Pussy Riot, members of which were charged with "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred" for shouting anti-govt slogans in a cathedral.  This "crime" carries a penalty of up to seven years jail.  Most readers (well, all except the right-wing Russian ones) agreed this was a sad reflection on Russian authoritarianism.

This morning, the Guardian publishes, without comment, "Man arrested following racist tweets aimed at Carlton Cole," in which a man has been charged with "racially aggravated public disorder" for sending a tweet the authorities didn't like.  This "crime" carries a penalty of up two years jail and/or a fine.  This sad reflection on British authoritarianism is unlikely to get the same coverage as Pussy Riot, based on previous examples.

The above might seem irrelevant to NZ, but both Labour and National have people in Parliament who'd be interested in enacting similar laws here.  Keep an eye out for them.


Simon said...

Might want to check out Brandon Raub in the States as well. Even worse though a judge let him go.

Yep keep and eye on the Tories and the New Tories ie Greens/Labor. Statist scum all.

Anonymous said...

Just keep voting boys in the belief you have a choice - these control freaks will get their way.


Andrei said...

LOL Milt;
            Christian Churches in 21st century New Zealand are considered fair game for degenerates who want to make a point but how about a gedankenexperimen.

Lets suppose some feminists invaded a Mosque in this fair land and sang blasphemies about Mohammed putting it up on youtube for the whole world to view - how d'ya think the authorities would handle that?

The point of your post I get, indeed I made the same point myself using the lady who was imprisoned for her tube rant as my example

Psycho Milt said...

Yes, the woman on the Tube was another example of UK authoritarianism.

Re your gedankenexperiment: should NZ get landed with a dictator one day, and some religious Grand Poobah tried to ingratiate himself by calling authoritarianism in NZ a miracle, I expect that a few punk rock girlies shouting slogans in his place of worship would be by a long way the least of his worries.

Andrei said...

Ever seen this chart before PM?

How d'ya think England is going under Cameron, New Zealand under Key or the good old USA under Obama? Hmmmm

There might be a reason that Putin does so well electorally other than "dictatorship"

Psycho Milt said...

Hadn't seen it, but now that you mention it:

1. Economic growth can be rapid if you're starting from a very low base - not so much if you were already at the top.

2. I don't think NZ, the US or Britain will get to be major oil exporters, and there are constraints on the extent to which their leaders can drive the economy via patronage and organised crime.

3. It's been demonstrated in the past that people are willing to trade freedom for increased material comfort, but that doesn't make it a good thing.

Andrei said...

Take the log out of your own eye Milt.

Vladimir Putin is President of the Russian Federation, the decisions he takes are for the benefit of the Russian Federation and her citizens, not to appease the leader writers of the BBC and the NYT. They don't like him - tough.

Reality check - we are living in a time of unparalleled wealth and luxury, this is being maintained for now by borrowing money, while at the same time we are actually dismantling the productive base that underpins it all.

The whole house of cards is about to tumble. And the Western World's leadership are way out of their depth - all of them!

Putin for all his sins is very competent and that gets up the nose of the western media big time.

Where will it end - who knows, interesting times

Anonymous said...

I interact with Russians in my work. I've never been there but find the place and it's people fascinating. A mixture of high felony and total integrity. When asked what the future held for Russia one high flyer told me to look at the Arab states. "Easy money from oil, everything else going down the toilet, government making sure the people don't disturb"