Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Decline Continues.

 The odious, sartorially splendid, arch proponent of the cult of personality, made a craven appeal to imagined followers who might have been enticed to the Craig wagon, in the debate on the Wall Bill, to join him in his newly discovered embrace of democratic principles

He called on those Democratic principles to be employed by way of referendum!

The only democratic principles that little prick understands are ones he can employ at any given time,to maintain his mirage of relevance in 2012. He would not recognise them if they stepped up and kicked him in the nuts.

He demonstrated admirably, how difficult it is to move water uphill with a rake.

The historical concept of the "estate of holy matrimony" that so many seek to preserve has been progressively diminished throughout my life.
The concept of marriage 60 years ago was still largely based on the transfer of a chattel from a father to a husband and the subsequent creation of a  haven for the spawn to be raised in, for protection  of wealth and security.

Today it is little more than an excuse for a pissup to mark a minor change to a cohabitation arrangement with about as much permanance as an iceblock on sunshine heated concrete.

Education, enlightenment, independent thought and empowerment, sponsored by ever increasing welfare advantages using compulsorally acquired OPMs, generously donated by succeeding political power seekers, have destroyed much of what "Marriage" should be.
The Wall bill is no more than a minor adjustment to the largely ignored "rules" of the once revered, respected and accepted status that defined and recognised the 'commitment' inherent in the ceremony.

Swmbo declined to accept "obey" in our vows, a rebellion that was given the 'royal ascent' with Catherine's marriage to HRH William Wales Windsor.
My darling wife  was always a terrific person and 50 years on is still my lover.
Cherish, yes, obey, negotiable, and it has worked out well- so far.

My concept of "marriage" is in no way threatened by Ms Walls bill that merely recognises change that is already entrenched in the society we are in in 2012.

As for the Dwarf just head on back to the Green Parrot and have another consultation with Walker J.
Oh, and you might consider in a moment of reflection how the vehicle you call a "Party" could benefit from a bit of devolution of power by way of adopting some of the "Democratic principles" you so fervently espoused last night. Many referenda over recent years should have given you a hint of where many see to you actually be, in the political landscape, 2012.


The Veteran said...

Remind me please how many wives WRP has gone through ... not much of a sacred institution there.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It's the non-wives he has gone through who are more important. I understand he brought a whole new meaning to 'candidate selection.'

Anonymous said...

Yawn another post on queer marrige
who would have thought

Anonymous said...

While driving about woringtoday I was listening to Radio Rhema as i sometimes do in the mornings. A minister told hiis flock not to bother protesting against this - its going to happen. Quite sensible I thought.

Of more interest was his view that the more rabid end of the gay movement will seek to pay back the Christians (they won't dare have a poke at Islam) they perceive as to blame for all the gay persecution. I suspect he's right but at some point they'll push back. Exciting times are coming.