Sunday, August 12, 2012

Stop embarrassing yourself Shag.

The SBW saga takes center-stage again just when most considered it was all over.

In an era when preparation, mental strength, avoiding distraction and focus are buzwords around top level sport, Hansen, Foster, McLean, Shand and co are playing chicken one week out from the first game in the inaugural Rugby Championship in Sydney next weekend.

One Midfield back from last year, Williams SB is still trying to get a release from his new Japanese Club.
Have you thought  the Club might not want to risk their massive investment.

Whatever the outcome of that fawning, The NZRU has had a long standing committment to players displaying a matching committment to domestic rugby.
In an embarrassingly rollover and beg  pursuit of Williams in the light of an injury to Conrad Smith the present coaching/management employees are  tossing the previous protocol to the discard pile.

What does that say to all the players who have pledged their allegiance to the local structure. Tamati Ellison, Horrell, Crotty and co are being told they don't cut the mustard. Maybe they are below the standard you think SBW offers  but from years end they are it.

Williams has given NZRU the finger why dont you give it right back.
If you want to take us to the next RWC stop being a prat and take some positions that develop the future. Ali Williams  and yes even McCaw and Possibly Carter are not that future. Though they have signed as part of building that future, Williams S B has only indicated he "might"  front up in four years time for a bit more glory.

That is not the game  you are being paid to deliver Shag.

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