Tuesday, August 21, 2012

N Z Labour Party Still Hypocritical Nearly 100 Years On

For starters I also mourn;
 Cpl Tamatea,
 L/Cpl Baker,
 Pvt Harris.
Your names are sadly added to our Roll Of Honour, RIP.

One, Phillip Bruce Goff is added to the walk of shame.

96 Years ago in the middle of "The War To End All Wars", the NZLP was conceived and born of a mash of socialist and comunist, largely union based,  entities.
Just as confetti accompanies a wedding a veritable cloud of white feathers showered that birth.
A very strong conscientious objector element sought recognition at the birth, employing a slogan "no conscription of men until conscription of wealth".  Five of those founders were convicted of 'sedition' over the matter, P Webb, R Semple, James O'Brien, Tim Armstrong and the second NZ LP Prime Minister Peter Frazer.

Oh the irony when 20 years after that War ended, a reedy voiced ex Australian, now PM of NZ  in the 1st Labour Government, with a very jingoistic speech, committed NZ troops to WW2 within hours of the Polish Ultimatum expiring. Savage's Cabinet included then or later, all of the five "conchies" who then set about "conscripting" men to fight "their War".

Travel forward another 25 years and at the forefront of the anti Vietnam War protesters were, among a plethora of socialists,  Helen Elizabeth Clark and Phillip Bruce Goff. Move the clock forward to 2003 and guess who embroils our proud Defense Forces in the intractable Hell that is Afghanistan, none other than the two fervent anti war agitators themselves.

Yesterday, an artists impression of a weasel peering through a gorse fence, has an epiphany and wants the troops he committed, brought home, something the present PM has already committed to achieving.

At this very sad time we acknowledge deaths of soldiers falling in the combat zone as individuals, that is reality 2012, sheesh how many fell in single days in the traumatic days of wars gone by and all families received then was a dreaded "telegram" days or weeks later and later still a gravesite where they fell as a bonus if identifiable remains could be recovered.

Mr Goff, the old adage returns "it is better to remain silent and be thought stupid, than speak and remove any doubt".

The more things change, the more they stay the same

My apologies and sympathies to the families of the slain for posting this now but it seems important to me and I beg forgiveness for any offence.



Anonymous said...

"The more things change, the more they stay the same.."

That's why we shouldn't be there while the shitty state of Pakistan sits there next door adding to the problems all the while propped up by the US.

I feel sorry for the Afghans who hate the status quo as much as we do but if its an obvious loser I don't like seeing our soldiers in harms way no matter how much good they do in the short term.

I hate most of what Goff stands for but feel he's right here in that until the Afghan govt sorts its crap out and leads with honesty nothing will change. Rot trickles down.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Sorry but you're wrong about Goff. He's NOT 'right here.' He might be if the Gummint were not already committed to withdrawal at the earliest reasonable time i.e early 2013. Instead, he's just grandstanding in the most despicable way.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget why Uncle Hulun committed our troops to Afghanistan. She'd cocked up at international relations and had to offer our boys up to save face.

Even more disgraceful than the original conchies,


Anonymous said...

At least be proud that we can still produce men and women willing to stand up for what is right..


GNZ Webmaster said...
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EXRNZAF said...

What a load of bollocks. re the comment about producing men & women who stand up for what is right.

We produced professional volunteer soldiers who died while doing what their government asked them to do.

Good and loyal servants was the 19th century description which is probably more accurate.

This in no way denigrates those service personnel. I was in the RNZAF for many years including during the Vietnam police action.

We didnt want to go to Vietnam because we wanted to stand up for what was right but because at a personal level it was a mission that looked exciting and challenging.