Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Makes Me Ashamed To Be A Northlander

The egregious gutter rag The Herald is running a sob story about what appears to be a pair of lazy slobs, squatting in a state house,  who expect the rest of New Zealand to feed them, clothe them, supply them with a house, keep it repaired and provide enough money for booze, smokes and a bit of weed.

Judging by the look of this 'family' it is likely they are all unemployable and accordingly I'm left wondering what the total 'income' of the family might be where three adults each bring in the unemployment or sickness benefit while Mum qualified for a state house big enough to accommodate the whole mob.

Methinks it's time for Paula Bennett to release some more information - just to make sure the full story is told, not just the half story the Herald wants to use to bash the Government..


Baxter said...

The dead mum must have fed them well.

Mr Crimp said...

Send in the troops. Kick em out. Bloody maoris. Thought I paid ACT to make sure this shit doesnt happen!

dad4justice said...

Maybe they could be like the Kahui family and kill the kids? The thicko keystones cops won't arrest them. What a sick country.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think JK is going to change this situation ??