Sunday, August 26, 2012

Know Your Country Sunday 26th August


Marc said...

1. William (Bill) Pickering ONZ KBE
2. Napier looking over Marine Parade towards Cape Kidnappers.
3. Goose Bay, SH1 looking North towards Kaikoura.
4. Birdlings Flat, Banks Peninsula.

homepaddock said...

Once more you show I don't know my country.
1. Umm.
2. Napier (those trees are a give away) looking southish to Cape Kidnappers.

3. Somewhere between Kaikoura and Picton.

4. Fishing on a stony shore.
5. Umm.

Bazza said...

1. William Pickering
2. Cape Kidnappers from Napier
3. A few miles north of Kaikoura
4. South of, and looking towards Kaikoura
5. Buller Swing Bridge

pdm said...

1. Pass but first instinct was Fraser Colman.
2. Napier and Cape Kidnappers
3. If that is Goose Bay we stayed there overnight in January 1982.
4. Just north of Whirinaki on SH2 looking towards Tangoio and Waipatiki.
5. Pass

Simon Arnold said...

Not much to add to the combined efforts here: Pickering, Napier, Goose Bay, Birling Flat & Buller Gorge swing bridge, but it did remind me of Bill Pickering speaking to the assembled boys at Wgtn College when I was there in the early sixties. I see he came back in 2002 to reopen the Gifford Observatory after it had fallen into disrepair and been bought back to life. In the sixties it had a very active group around it, sparking my interest in astronomy and the Wellington East Girls swimming pool.