Sunday, August 12, 2012

Know Your Country Sunday 12th August


Simon Arnold said...

Jack Cropp yachting gold medal Melbourne; Tongariro (presumably before); Buller River?; Hawkes Crag; Wainui Beach

Allan said...

1; Jack Cropp.

2; Emerald lakes on Mt Tongariro.

3; Hawk's Crag in Buller Gorge.

4: To be advised; looks like the Conway maybe. Although our quizmaster has a fondness for Central Otago.

5; Wainui Beach.

Marc said...

3.Buller River near Murchison
4.Hawke's Crag in Buller Gorge

Chris Bird said...

No 4, hawke's crag Buller Gorge.
Only a few weeks ago the water level in the Buller River was above the road level. One intrepid local even drove his jetboat on the water through the crag