Sunday, August 12, 2012


Amid all the brouhaha over the Labour Party leadership (or lack thereof) and who is doing what to whom and how (ask Mallard) it seems no-one has picked up on what to me is the obvious question.

David Cunliffe, the man apparently everyone loves to hate, has been disporting himself overseas on an extended vacation for the past four weeks.   That included the last two weeks of the July-August Parliamentary session.  

Since when have so called senior politicians taken time off from the business of parliament to go on holiday or is this taking the misappropriation of half a million dollars plus by Labour to fund their election campaign to a new level?      

More ammunition for the Labour Party ABC's but then again, Shearer would have signed-off on the AWOL .... or perhaps not.


Marc said...

Exactly, when Parliament only sits for about 22 weeks a year, why is any politician granted extended leave for "an extended family holiday"? Arrogance and middle finger up to the taxpayers much!

Paulus said...

Gone to find a job ?

Anonymous said...

What about the Speaker arranging a "representational" role for his partner to join him on a jaunt.
All politicans are trough feeders.