Saturday, August 11, 2012

It All Looks Good To Me

That is the message from David Shearer (who)(what) (where) in the first edition of a proposed weekly email communication designed to keep him in touch with his supporters.

The Standard has given it promotion with a clanging or should that be a tolling of publicity. Unfortunately the comments do not quite echo the same level of enthusiasm.

Around 800 words of nothing more than the sort of tripe a first semester student studying socialism 101 might be able to assemble at end of term1.
Appears to have been compiled by an intern fresh out of year 12.
A regurgitation of inane slogan based drivel covering education, roads, the magnificent 4 Davids that his PR Jock had to name to be certain of identifying them and closes with a fervent hope that next week will be better
 Wouldn't want it to be worse.
 Rouge Morgan came along in the nick of time.

No mention of the magma bubling up in the vent of the Party courtesy of  Red Tie Garner.
Not a word on a possible need for senior party figures to look up 'loyalty', 'teamwork' and 'discretion' in their dictionary and get in behind the Party.
Nothing more to justify his both feet in his mouth comment on the sick bastard who has a disability preventing a sedentary job, is alleged to be intellectually ill-equiped for clerical work, has a heart condition and is over 60 years old.

I wonder what little gems the next exciting episode from  Dr David will contain?
The tank is empty.

Thank-you to the Standard for publishing the 1st epistle of David to the Philistines as I am not on the mailing list.

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How Robertson is not really screwing me !