Thursday, August 30, 2012

Having another crack at it

I've entered next year's Ironman in Taupo on March 2, kick off 7am.

This is my third crack at it.  In '99, while a raw 30yr old, I knocked the bastard off in a shade over 12 hours.  The 3.84km swim took me 1hr 5.  I was on the bike for the 180k close to 6hrs 20.  My marathon took 4hr 30ish.  That wasn't bad for a first attempt.  My long recollection after I'd finished was I felt I had 10hrs 30 in me.

But then I started a new career and became a dad.  Athletic endeavours took a back seat.  I kept reasonably active, and did the odd small event, but nothing of note until 2009 when Ironman celebrated its 25yr anniversary.  I had to be in for that and trained a lot differently that time around.  I focused a lot more on my cycling and running.  The result was a swim 10 minutes slower than '99; a bike ride 15minutes faster; and the plan was for a sub 4hr run.  Sadly, I stuffed up my nutrition and hydration and could barely walk, let alone run.  My finish time still had a 12 in it for hours, but I hoped for much better.

This time is slightly different again.  I have learned from both previous attempts and will be approaching it slightly different again.  I will see if I can do a lot more running at a much more aerobic pace to improve my ability to burn fat.  That will also hopefully allow me to back up my training on following days as I should recover better.  Who really knows; a lot of it is guess work - that's half the beauty of it.

I have got some lead-in events planned, starting with the Auckland Half Marathon on October 28 and including the Port of Tauranga Half Ironman in January.

At the moment most of my training is done very early in the morning.  It isn't unusual for me to be up at 5:30.  On weekends I'm out the door at 6:30 and can get three hours in before most people have even risen!  It's not hard for me to get up early; and I've never really been a night owl, so that helps.  Daylight saving is bliss for me.

I'll keep y'all appraised on the way with regular updates.  On the way I intend to raise a bit of money for Cystic Fibrosis - the official charity of Ironman.  I'll announce that here too in due course.

In the meantime, it's off to bed now for me.  I'm a little tired.  I had a 6am get-up with 45mins on the windtrainer and then ran a short 6k'r after work.  I'm pretty boring right now, as my wife says. 

Later, folks.



Lindsay Mitchell said...

As a morning trainer, why is daylight saving "bliss" for you? Don't get it. But good luck and I admire the self-discipline and determination.

Ciaron said...


Anonymous said...

god speed, the wather has been horrific in the last 2 years so it should be a nice year. I am undecided whether to enter for next year, but will be there in some form of capacity

Keeping Stock said...

eredbyyreditsl 11Best of luck Nick; not something that I'd ever contemplate, but it takes all kinds...

Anonymous said...

Lindsay, because the morning's are warmer and because I do a bit after work (mostly running) and it stays lighter for longer. It's a bitch running in the dark on a freezing, wet winter's night.


Anonymous said...

Go for it Nick. Hope it doesn't interfere too much with the blogging.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

This bit fell out and clattered on the floor.

"Who really knows; a lot of it is guess work..... "

If one could figure it out beforehand, instead of guessing, one could reasonably look for an Olympic gold medal!

Anonymous said...

eredbyyreditsl 11 from me too. I did too much of that stuff when I was young and am paying for it with stuffed knees. Affects people differently, but enjoy the good health that fitness provides.