Tuesday, August 14, 2012


It is always a little risky commenting on another countries internal politics but as I trained there and have close family links there ... what the hell, here goes.

There is no doubt that the Gillard Government has been slam dunked by the  Housten Report which leaves their immigration policy in tatters.   You can argue the toss whether it is a 80/20 or a 70/30 win to the coalition but there is no doubt the recommended reinstatement of offshore processing in Nauru and Manus Island and the shelving of Labor's much trumpeted 'Malaysia' solution represents a body blow against Gillard and the ALP.

They have been left with egg on their face and blood on their hands as their effective 'open door' policy encouraged people-smugglers to make a 'killing' (and they did) playing with the lives of the vulnerable.

The almost indecent haste with which the Labor caucus signed up to the report is proof positive that they realised they had no place to go, no place to hide.    The overturning of their immigration policy is a political debacle of the first order.

As for the Greens and the so called Independents .... all pretty irrelevant now in the great scheme of things.

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Noel said...

I'm not sure about slam dunked.
More a case of having to accept some compromise to improve the processing.
Commonsense says that the processing should be done in Indonesia and Malaysia, unfortunately countries who have not signed up to the conventions.
As we hasve seen at the momement the people smugglers have shifted into high gear to get as many $US20,000 per trip "clients" on the water before Naru is up an running.
As for New Zealand we will be faced with it sometime in the future, and with this change it may be sooner than we expect.
Fortunately probably after the new detention centre is completed but don't rely on the new NZ legislation to actually work because it hasn't elsewhere.