Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cripes, Who wudda Thunk That?

 Stuff reports on research from the educated that reveals a diminishing of IQ in Dopes who start smoking weed before they turn 18.

Evidently a survey has shown a drop of 8 points in IQ between 13 and late 30s among those who started smoking dope as children and continued into  adulthood. I guess it aint much of a problem unless the start level is not to adjacent to their shoe size.
Ceasing  smoking hemp  had no reduction in the damage incurred.

Now what to do about it?  that will require much more money as subsidy of further study and I am willing to bet a thousand dollars to a pinch of goat shit it will prove intractable. Sheesh they might try "banning" it, that'l work for sure.

Just as the colossal waste of time and resources that is currently being expended on booze and binge drinking, Nero will fiddle while cannabis burns.

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Anonymous said...

Sort welfare and evolution will pick up its skirts and start deleting the weak. It won't be nice.