Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Danny Watson is droning in the background competing with the ever present tinitus,  a comment from a caller leapt out.

Topic is domestic violence in relation to a youth of African extraction who on being refused permission to watch TV in a late afternoon timeslot stabbed  his father in the neck during a "meltdown".

A caller relating a situation during his upbringing that had a similar level of violence made the rather provocative claim that culture was a part of his scenario as "HIS FATHER WAS IRISH but he,  the caller was MAORI".

Now yes the father may have been 100% Irish extraction, but on the evidence presented the child was only a PART MAORI, surely with at least half his blood Irish and  no chance the other half could even remotely be even 50% Maori.

I have my own take on 'part breeds' from years of beef and sheep farming allied to a lifetime around canines where harnessing hybrid vigor can be  beneficial but occasionally can go very wrong, The American Pitbull being a classic  but imho that young man would be better to reconcile his heritage and culture to include a basic understanding of the mix in his makeup.

He is, was and never will be  a freekin MAORI.


Baxter said...

Undoubtedly the caller chose his race on the basis of the glorification of all things maori within the state school system. A status symbol for identification and a justification for non achievement. As you say there are no longer maori just 'mixed race'similar to mixed ownership of state assets.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You shouldn't be listening to talkback radio. It is the debating chamber of illiterates.

gravedodger said...

I seek your forgiveness Adolf,
am still stepping back from the crypt as last Thursday I was tossing up between the Dr and the Undertaker, getting out of the Lazyboy was a step too far.

Psycho Milt said...

By your logic, nobody is anything. And the whole concept of pure-bred people stinks of swastikas.

JC said...

"By your logic, nobody is anything. And the whole concept of pure-bred people stinks of swastikas."

I see and understand you.. but consider this..

Of the about 50% Maori prison population about 25-30% are gang members and these thugs are miles away from the values of the 85-92% of Maori who are full time working and bringing up their kids in a reasonable fashion.

Of the remaining 20-25% in prison, I agree with Baxter that many are simply using some small degree of Maori blood and culture to excuse their actions and inadequacies.

But whilst Maori culture and blood may be associated with Maori gangsters its not *representative* of a population that is roughly 85% of a generally hard working group.. Mob values are a heresy or aberration of general Maori values and should be held as separate from the larger population.

Yep, even excluding the gangs Maori are over represented by about 10% points in prison, but my suspicion is that many of these are choosing the culture and skin colour to fit in with the general prison population.


gravedodger said...

Timely introduction of Godwins Law Milt, notwithstanding it did not form even a speck of sawdust in the basic plank of my thinking on the matter.

Motivation to post came from the very casual and total assumption of classification of the callers conception of his race when in a word he moved from what he had indicated to be at least 50% Irish and could have in reality been a much larger proportion, to Maori, full stop.
If we as a nation did not obsess over using Maori identification for perceived social and or political advantage or justification, the callers acceptance of the rich cultural heritage in his racial makeup might have been empowering for him.

I guess suggesting I am a Nazi was a simpler denigration weapon in attacking my Post.

Psycho Milt said...

Sorry, but this half-breed/pure-breed crap really pushes my buttons. It's based on the idea that ethnicity is about "breeding" and how much of what kind of "blood" you have - ie, it's obnoxious sick-fuckery from the days when racism was considered everyday normality. In the case you mention, the country one of this guy's parents came from may or may not have some bearing on what ethnicity he's been raised as in this country - we don't know. But he gives us a pretty good hint: he declares his ethnicity to be Maori, which means your basis for declaring him at least half-Irish (down to percentages at that!) is nothing more than the old "blood" and "breeding" bullshit.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Steady on there,Milt. I thought it was more to do with those who choose to proclaim themselves as Maori when, in reality, they are Bog Irish.

Much like the whiteys from inner Sydney suburbia who claim to be Abo but in fact turn out to be bloody Kiwi imports. Yeah really!

It's called climbing onto the gravy train.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Further to last

I was advised in 1969, while at Lincoln, that to get ahead in Australia all you had to do was camp out on the edge of the Nullabor with a year's supply of boot polish.

gravedodger said...

Now just turn up in a leaky boat with no documents,easy as I reckon.
It avoids all that sunburn and dehydration risk.

Psycho Milt said...

It's called climbing onto the gravy train.

If being Maori in this country is a gravy train, the rest of us must really be on the bones of our arses.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You need to get out more Milt and meet the real Maori people. The wealthy lawyers, academics and 'appointees' in particular.