Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cloud Cuckoo Land Justice.

Ein gesetz, eine laute.

Last week it was a skinny white kid given apparently much kinder treatment in Hawkes Bay Court after an horrific attack on his toddler as he needed to continue his apprentice-ship studies, something a gaol term could interfere with.

Today we learn  of the extensive travels of a convicted Finance Company Director to Europe for his daughter's TWO weddings either side of the Channel.

Stiegrad obtained Bail after 7 weeks of his 9 months Home Detention in part due to his "wife's inability to travel to New Zealand from their Sydney Home" for "Health reasons" in order to be able to be closer to him serving his HD
Apparently she is now much better as she has 'managed' to get herself to Europe for the nuptials.
That makes me feel much better, not

Do the muppets in Justice and Courts think they are that different in their cloistered little rorting cesspit.
I note Steigrad has apparently offered $350k in reparations, that will be a great comfort to those who had their retirement funds savaged.

I accept that there needs to be independance and flexibility but hang on how about adding some realistic degree of accountability to the mix.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Gotta link?

gravedodger said...

Take your pick, Newstalk ZB, Stuff, The Horrid, various Blogs.

Baxter said...

Campbell also covered it last night.
It really shows just what a joke of a system we have.