Monday, August 27, 2012

Absolutely Bloody Disgraceful!

Stuff revealed a day or two ago that the "Teachers Council" has a "Secret" list of teachers who are identified as at risk of sexual offending against pupils.

In light of recent revelations of offending by two teachers in this realm of totally objectionable destructive behavior, this latest admission is but one more exposed failure of teachers and their "professional entities".
Do teachers have to 'buy protection'.

Apparently Riki was able to adopt multilple Identities with consumate ease, including one occasion when he took not only the name of a teacher who had moved to Australia but also assumed that persons teaching certificate.  His alleged offending encompassed six schools.

James Parker became deputy principal of a school, became the teachers rep on the BOT  all after first becoming a person with flagged suspicious activity against his name some 15 years earlier as a teacher on section. He has been asked to respond to 49, yes 49 charges of sexual indecencies perpetrated on pupils in his care.

I struggled to understand why my Dad was so adamant that I could not become a "Boy Scout" some 60 years ago and to be fair Scouting New Zealand has made awesome progress in rooting out the potential offending that motivated my fathers totally understandable opposition to scouting.

The C**ts who take a position of trust in any field that allows access to their victims rely on secrecy and trust to succeed, that in itself is more than enough reason for the Teachers Council to abandon the hypocrisy that their "list" involves. Ffs it is not only BOT members and parents who can't access the "List" even a "police check" cannot access it. Not really sure who can in fact gain access to it.
A claim the list only applies to "a handful" is just bollocks.

One Child molested by one teacher is totally unacceptable, from that point it just gets worse accompanied by the disastrous outcomes that are all too often revealed as disfunction in later life.


Anonymous said...

I remmber the Labour sniff at reducing the age of sexual consent not so long ago and, according to a friend involed in the homosexual debate 30 years ago, the same issue was on the table then.

I'm not sure that this type of behaviour, repugnant as most would believe it to be, will always be illegal.

Equal rights and all that.


dad4justice said...

aniatri 58No wonder we are gold medalists in child abuse eh bro!

What a fucked up country for kids!!!

FFS sort this shit out dumbo kiwi!!!

Anonymous said...

Its the problem when a society goes down the road of progressive liberalism.

Right & wrong are no longer held to be absolute and citizens are allowed/tacitly encouraged to live their lives however they please.

The difficulty with this is the tendency for certain people to take this as a green light to pursue certain deviant tendencies.

Why wouldn't they? There is no right & wrong - if you think something is ok then it is go ahead and do it.

Caveats like: You can't do stuff that is illegal or hurts other people is ineffective as these folks will think who says?

I don't believe that so if I feel it is ok to touch some kid, or break their legs, or put them in a washing machine then I will as that is what I think is right.

Humans have always tended towards wrongdoing when given the chance unless they have social or religious controls which help moderate their behaviour - take those away and you are left with moral anarchy.


Anonymous said...

God you weirdos talk shit.

Anonymous said...

All you have is snark Anon. That's all you have. You have no rebuttal, no counter argument, no alternative.

You are a coward and a fool.


Anonymous said...

There's been no argument or evidence presented, fucknut (can I call you fucknut? Thanks). Just a load of nonsensical ranting by right-wing lunatics.