Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Lesson For Northen Maori.....

....... from Northern territory Aboriginals who, by a landslide yesterday, broke the shackles of forty years' welfare dependency and voted in Liberal National MPs.

Northern Territory Votes

Paul Henderson


Predicted 9 
Terry Mills


Predicted 15 
State of the Parties
66.7% counted.
Updated Sat Aug 25 10:30 PM
Party % Vote Swing Won Predict
Labor 36.7 -6.5
8 9
Country Liberal 50.7 +5.3
14 15
Greens 3.1 -1.2
0 0
First Nations 2.1 +2.1
0 0
Others 7.4 +0.3
1 1
13 seats required for victory.

You can hear the wailing and screaming from the left and all the faux honky Abos who can see their tax funded gravy trains disappearing.  It seems the real Aborigines have worked out that they've been 'had' by Labor and that work and incomes are better than dole and booze.

How long will it take for their dumbarse Hori counterparts to catch on?

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Noel said...

Only because they made an awful lot of promises which they will have a lot of problems implementing within the budget they have.
Anyway Maori here have learnt words prior to elections are less tangible than muskets and blankets.